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Current Series

Fairy Tail – Final Season – 31

As Fairy Tail continues to truck down the thorny and odd route that creator Mashima Hiro has set for its final story arc, some of the story's more controversial decisions are starting to make a bit of se... Continue Reading

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Fairy Tail 2 – 90 [Tartaros Arc Ends]

Okay... I'm fully aware that this was not a series finale, but damn did it feel like one. If there wasn't a preview hinting at the upcoming Fairy Tail Zero arc, well... I'd have thought that this was pro... Continue Reading

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Random Curiosity Anime Blog Ending

I dunno if many people here know of Anime Blogs, or what the general scene is there, but something quite monumental has happened lately. An Anime Blog called Random Curiosity is closing down! Continue Reading

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