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Current Series

Brave Witches – 04

Brave Witches returns after a week of hiatus. I admit, I’ve been eagerly awaiting its return. I hadn’t realized just how much I was looking forward to this series until it suddenly went AWOL ... Continue Reading

Brave Witches – 03

Brave Witches continues to impress me, both in the ways it does what I expect, and in the ways that it doesn’t. In some ways this episode fits in well within the formula already established by Stri... Continue Reading

Brave Witches – 02

Well… this didn’t turn out the way I’d expected. There are a number of things in this episode that fit a standard Strike Witches approach to their series introductions. And then there i... Continue Reading

Brave Witches – 01 (First Look)

Here we are with another series I’ve been looking forward to. The Strike Witches anime franchise, of which Brave Witches is merely the latest installment, is rather infamous in anime circles for it... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Fall 2016 Preview

Another season is just about over and it is time yet again to look ahead to what is coming. It always amazes me how quickly time flies. Really doesn’t feel that long ago that the Summer Season got star... Continue Reading

Flower’s Fall 2016 Preview

The Summer 2016 season for me was definitely a surprise in many ways. And by this I mean there were quite a few series not really on my radar that turned out to be quite good! Some of the biggest surpris... Continue Reading