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Current Series

A.I.C.O.: Incarnation – Review

A.I.C.O is a science fiction series that seems to embody both the spirit and the unique charm of the sorts of series that you'd find littered in the early 2000s. Not only is A.I.C.O special for just tha... Continue Reading

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Notaku – Ask Enzo – How is Anime Made?

This week's Notaku Video is the first episode of a show called Ask Enzo. The idea for this show is to basically cover a topic related to the Anime Industry or Japanese culture, and have Guardian Enzo fro... Continue Reading

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Noragami Season 2 coming

The May issue of Monthly Shonen Magazine has revealed that Toka Adachi’s Noragami is returning for a second season! The official website for the series has been updated, with the new visual pict... Continue Reading

NO.6 [First Impressions]

No.6 is the latest offering by Studio BONES. The story tells the tale of two boys, who meet up by chance and change each other's prespective on life in the futuristic city known as No.6? With gorgeous an... Continue Reading

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Darker Than BLACK 2 Review

Rumors of a second season to the beloved but somewhat lacking Darker Than BLACK were abound for what seemed like forever. When the announcement was finally made, many fans of the previous series, as wel... Continue Reading

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New Full Metal Alchemist series confirmed

Earlier leaked information about a new Full Metal Alchemist series was confirmed today as the new series was formally announced. Details are few and far at the moment but atleast everyone’s happy t... Continue Reading

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