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Current Series

BlazBlue Alter Memory – 09

As we near the last few episodes of the series, things are really starting to ramp up now. We even get some long overdue battle sequences, and while they are brief, they are an upgrade from what we've se... Continue Reading

BlazBlue Alter Memory – 08

Another episode comes and goes, and I'm left wondering exactly how I feel about this series still. See, at this point I'm hard pressed to call BlazBlue Alter Memory a failure of a series, because for all... Continue Reading

Blazblue Alter Memory 05

What did I just see? Did I see an episode of Blazblue Alter Memory that was actually GOOD? What is going on here? After last week, everything seems to be not only looking up, its rising to the heavens. W... Continue Reading

Blazblue Alter Memory 04

Watching the latest episode of BlazBlue was like seeing a person act completely normal and likable after weeks of throwing a huge crazy fit. Episode 4 finally brings the series to how it should've starte... Continue Reading

Blazblue Alter Memory 02

Okay... now even I am totally friggin confused. If you were one of those few who hoped that BlazBlue would begin to improve, or hell, make some lick of sense, then prepare to be disappointed. Continue Reading

BlazBlue – Alter Memory 01 [First Look]

Arc System work's fighting game is one of those games that are tailor made for being adapted into an anime. Its got a visual novel style story, anime style characters and even famous seiyuu like Tomokazu... Continue Reading

BlazBlue Anime Announced

It has been confirmed that an anime adaption for the popular fighting game series has been green lit. The series will be titled BlazBlue: Alter Memory and will receive a TV broadcast premiere later this... Continue Reading

New BlazBlue Continuum Shift DLC Character Valkenhayn Announced!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift was the first fighting game to have an extra character as Downloadable Content! The rather expensive Makoto Nanaya was priced at around 7,99 USD. It seems that the popularity of ... Continue Reading

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