Winter is here and of course the holidays have also arrived. A busy time for many and that absolutely goes for me too. Will also have a top 10 list for the year that should come out at around the same time as this. So it’s a time to reflect on the past year and to look forward for what 2024 has in store for us. Winter isn’t usually a completely packed season. But there is still more than enough to look forward to here. 

The downside is that it does mean saying goodbye to numerous Fall shows. I think this past fall was as utterly packed as any fall season I’ve seen in years. It will be too bad to say farewell to all those shows. Though it also means I’m going to be saying goodbye to a show that I’ve been covering all of 2023 in Hirogaru Sky Precure! The show wasn’t bad, but it showed the downsides of a yearlong show. It won’t all be good even if the start is! Of course, I’ll absolutely miss Tearmoon Empire which was a huge surprise win for me. There will be some carryovers with Sousou no Frieren still having plenty of life in it. But it’ll be a shift. 

As always, the preview will be referring to information listed on LiveChart and AniChart. This certainly won’t be a comprehensive preview of what is coming up. It will just be a list of the shows I’m interested in. Everyone can feel free to talk about the shows they are hyped about in the comments, even if I don’t mention them here. There will be shows I don’t know that much about their source material so any discussion on what can be expected there (minus spoilers) sounds good to me. 

Series of High Interest

These are the shows I’m the most excited about. Odds are that’s because I’m familiar enough with a previous season/source material. But I may just have gotten excited by the summary or trailer. If these don’t turn out to be good that will be rather disappointing.

Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu S2

  • Air Date: 8 Jan 2024
  • Studio: J.C. Staff
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? Yes

After Makoto Misumi defeats Mitsurugi and Sofia Bulga, humanity is saved from the attacking demon army—for the time being. The goddess is aware of Makoto’s growing power, and she sees him as less of a nuisance and more of a rival. Makoto continues his journey to further expand his community of outcasts and connect with more hyumans. But will he be strong enough to hold off the coming storm?

I am so happy to have this one back. The first season was excellent and got dark near the end. And I think we’ll probably keep some of that darkness as time goes along. Makoto may be a bit dark in some parts of his psyche, but he’s not a bad guy at his core. And the conflicts seem set to explode. You have the Goddess that dumped him because he wasn’t hot enough for her, the heroes she summoned to take his spot, demons, humans, political intrigue, and his own monster based society that is building up. There’s so many ways this could blow up. 

Plus I’m just happy to see characters like Mio again. Spiders aren’t generally my thing. But since she was forced to take a human form in season 1 she’s been unbelievably cute the whole time. Plus the romantic tension with her, Makoto, and Tomoe was getting pretty heated at times. These two…want things to move forward. And Makoto is running out of runway to just push them away without deciding if he can actually do that. Can’t wait for season 2 to start up! 

Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun 2nd STAGE

  • Air Date: 3 Jan 2024
  • Studio: project No.9
  • Episodes: 13
  • Blogging? Maybe

Expert gamer Tomozaki Fumiya doesn’t exactly fit in, but he wishes he did. With no written rules for success and gameplay that doesn’t work in his favor, the real world seems impossible for someone like him. But, like any noob, all he really needs are some strategies and a seasoned player like Aoi Hinami to help him. Hopefully with her guidance, Tomozaki will gain the experience he needs.

Been a while since I thought about this show. But I am hyped to see it. The concept was good. You have a guy that was an insanely good gamer, but just didn’t bother trying when it came to his day to day life. Meets a girl who is a good gamer, but is treating mastering her day to day life as a game to be conquered. Now he’s out there changing his life and challenging himself. There’s some interesting levels to it. Will they go the obvious route of having him end up with Aoi. They are both gamers, she dragged him out into the world, while he’s also challenging her to be more honest with herself. It would make sense. 

But there are other options. He started up a relationship with an unbelievably sweet girl like Fuuka. And there’s bonds he’s building up with characters like Minami. He could easily fall for these girls and actually be happy with that. My gut says that won’t happen. But season 2 could answer my questions by showing which way he’s going to go.

Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu 2nd Season

  • Air Date: 6 Jan 2024
  • Studio: Shin-Ei Animation
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? Maybe

Fascinated by murder and all things macabre, Kyoutarou daydreams of acting out his twisted fantasies on his unsuspecting classmates — but an encounter with Anna Yamada, the gorgeous class idol, lights a spark in the darkness of his heart. It’s a classic tale of an antisocial boy falling for a popular girl, but neither are who they appear to be at first glance. Will Kyoutarou and Anna defy their expectations of each other — and of themselves?

This show was a surprise in 2023 for me. It seemed like a perfectly fine young romance show. With the most extreme part being that the main character seemed…a bit unstable. The reality was that the kid just was trying to convince himself he was particularly extreme, but he was overall a decently normal kid. And it was all about his budding romance with this popular model in his class. The first season was good! The bond between these two built up slowly, but you could see and feel the progress. It wasn’t a show where they were purely dragging everything out. There was growth and change. 

And that leaves me excited for season 2. These two are good characters and they are working through their feelings for each other. If the pacing is maintained, then this season should be a blast!

Series of Moderate Interest

Now to the shows I’m somewhat excited for. While not as excited about these as the category above, I’m still pretty interested in watching these. Some have intriguing premises that if done right could make for great shows. While some have source materials that I’m sort of familiar with, but not extremely interested in. Some of these could easily turn into my favorites. That uncertainty factor can turn into a positive surprise.

Banished from the Hero's Party S2

  • Air Date: 7 Jan 2024
  • Studio: Studio Flad
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? No

A once-great Hero is now living the slow life. Red, shunned from his adventuring party, spends his days running an apothecary. He lives with his lifelong love, Princess Rit, and his sister, Ruti. They indulge in moments of bliss, like soaking in serene hot springs and enjoying delicious meals with a view. No matter what happens to the world around them, these happy moments will be unchanged.

This is another show that I’m pretty familiar with going in. The only reason it’s in this tier is because I’m not sure how hyped I’m going to be once the episodes start rolling. The first season was good. The split focus between Red and his sister Ruti gave the show a bit of spice. Now Ruti has officially tossed her position as the hero and is going to live in the same village as her brother and his lover Rit. How well will that work out? I’m curious to see. 

The big thing is that it opens a can of worms. The summary would make you think Red wasn’t capable of traveling to fight a demon lord. But he was. There was just a weak element of the party that didn’t like him being there and pushed him to leave. With Red and especially Ruti it opens the question of whether it’s ok for them to be chilling out in this backwater village while the fate of the world plays out. If humanity loses…this village is getting overrun too. Ideally those motivated would take on the tasks and that would be that. But is the group left good enough? With Ruti it’s a bit more complicated since she was basically brainwashed by her innate “gift” and forced to fight as a child when she didn’t want to. It’ll be an interesting season 2. 

My Instant Death Ability Is So Overpowered

  • Air Date: 5 Jan 2024
  • Studio: Okuruto Noboru
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? Maybe

Awaking to absolute chaos and carnage while on a school trip, Yogiri Takatou discovers that everyone in his class has been transported to another world! He had somehow managed to sleep through the entire ordeal himself, missing out on the Gift — powers bestowed upon the others by a mysterious Sage who appeared to transport them. Even worse, he and another classmate were ruthlessly abandoned by their friends, left as bait to distract a nearby dragon...

I’ve been looking forward to this just because I’ve seen that title floating around the internet for years. It’s obviously both an isekai and another one of those overpowered protagonist series. The innate question is if they can make an interesting story with a character that apparently has the power to just kill anything he wants. Unless there’s a ton of enemies with death immunity (which the title wouldn’t seem to imply) then he’s going to have an easy time. 

Okuruto Noboru seems like a decent studio. They’ve done some good work. And the main vocal cast seems good enough. I’m all for some isekai shenanigans so long as they make it fun. 

Oroka na Tenshi wa Akuma to Odoru

  • Air Date: 9 Jan 2024
  • Studio: Children's Playground Entertainment
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? No

Masatora Akutsu, a demon on a recruitment mission in a human high school, is drafting allies for Hell against the heavenly angels. But when seated beside the captivating Lily Amane, he’s in for a devilishly hilarious celestial surprise!

Speaking of fun…this show would seem to be a main source of romantic comedy this season. A fun angle of course is having this devil and angel clashing while obviously falling in love with each other. He’s out to gather forces for a demonic army and she’s…presumably there to stop him XD. The characters look good and it’s another one where I like the voice cast. Yuuma Uchida can more than handle a ridiculous male lead in a romantic comedy! Ayane Sakura is also great at her thing. These two if nothing else can carry the show. If the trailer matches the overall visual quality then things should be fine. 

Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha

  • Air Date: 5 Jan 2024
  • Studio: CONNECT
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? Maybe

Rentt Faina has hunted monsters for the last 10 years. Sadly, he’s not great at his job, stuck hunting slimes and goblins for a few coins each day. His luck turns when he finds an undiscovered path. At the path’s end, he meets his demise in the maw of a legendary dragon. But, he wakes up as an undead bag of bones! He sets out to achieve Existential Evolution and rejoin the land of the living.

So this time the skeleton protagonist isn’t involved in an isekai situation XD. Honestly, the premise of the show has me naturally siding with the main character. This guy worked hard for years at a job where he wasn’t all that good at it. But now he actually has the chance to do something. He can get stronger than he ever was while alive and chase the dream of rejoining the living. That’s an easy goal to get behind. It’s not about saving the world, just aiming for the natural desire of being alive in a human body.

Mato Seihei no Slave

  • Air Date: 4 Jan 2024
  • Studio: Seven Arcs
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? No

The demon-filled dimension known as "Mato" has opened to threaten humanity, and a type of "peach" tree that grows there yields fruit that confers special powers to those who eat it, giving humanity a fighting chance, but this only works for women. As such, as protectors of humanity, women rise in social status while men are relegated to second-class citizens scraping for basic occupation and acknowledgment. Cue Yuuki Wakura, a domestically crafty and laborious high school senior...

The concept of this one could definitely work. You have a world that’s been messed up by demons from another dimension and the classic move of the only ones who can truly fight back…being cute anime girls XD. Well cute anime girls and the male protagonist who becomes a “slave” and turns into a monster. I’m curious to see how the society actually looks there. It makes sense with women being the last hope of humanity that their position would skyrocket in value. But the bigger thing of course is how the main leads will interact. Trailer was good and hopefully the show will match up to that. 

Series of Lower Interest

These are the shows I’m still interested in, but it’s a lot weaker than the tiers above. Either the previous seasons were mixed bags for me or I just don’t have enough to work. They still get mentioned because I still think the potential is there to really surprise me. Which is more than the shows I’m not going to mention at all.

Dosanko Gal wa Namaramenkoi

  • Air Date: 8 Jan 2024
  • Studio: SILVER LINK
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? No

Snowflakes aren’t the only things dropping in Hokkaido—so are jaws, thanks to the super adorable gals who are turning the icy north into a hotbed of fashion and fun. Brace yourself for a winter storm of laughs, love, and killer outfits as these gals prove that being cute is an all-season affair. Here, frostbite meets fashionista!

The era of the gal romance really has continued onward. On a side note it is fun to see what trends just happen to pick up. And right now, it’s all about “gal” romances and girls who get reincarnated into otome games. This one is the former though XD. The setup seems simple. Guys moves up to Hokkaido, meets a cute Hokkaido gal, and the romance just takes off from there! The characters seem cute and as I’ve already said, Ayane Sakura does good work! I’m sure Blade and Silver Link can handle this situation just fine. Nothing crazy, but it could be fun.

Urusei Yatsura (2022) 2nd Season

  • Air Date: 11 Jan 2024
  • Studio: David Production
  • Episodes: 23
  • Blogging? No

Lum, the gorgeous daughter of an invading race of Oni Aliens is smitten with High School student Ataru Moroboshi. A dedicated womanizer, Ataru is unfazed by Lum’s fierce electric shock attacks and continues his daily hunt for pretty girls. With a host of other unique characters, including classmate Shinobu, elegant shrine maiden Sakura, Lum’s best friend’s Oyuki, Benten and Ran, Buddhist Monk Cherry, Ten, the little brat, heir to a wealthy family Shuutaro Mendou...

This one is a bit lower since I just kind of enjoyed the first season of this remake. The show is obviously going to look good. David Production is good at what they do after all. I just expect ridiculous hijinks from this season. Lum is going to look extremely cute, Ataru is going to flirt with any woman he can meet, and a variety of supernatural and/or alien entities are going to show up to make things even more ridiculous. It’ll be fun, silly, and there might be some solid emotional moments sprinkled in there.

Akuyaku Reijou Level 99

  • Air Date: 9 Jan 2024
  • Studio: Jumondou
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? No

This college kid wants nothing more than a quiet life. So when she’s reborn as Yumiella, the hidden villainess of an Otome RPG, she’s not exactly thrilled. Still yearning for peace, she abandons her evil duties to live a more discreet life. Until her gamer side kicks in and she accidentally reaches level 99! Now, everyone suspects that she’s the infamous Demon Lord. What future awaits her?

And here’s the otome game anime of the season XD. Every show tries to do something different to keep them distinct. In this case you have a girl that’s pulled in two directions. She knows that as the secret boss she’d be a huge target to be killed by the protagonists. So Yumiella just wants to stay out of trouble. But she’s also a crazy hardcore gamer that can’t help but flex her skills and wants to become as powerful as possible! So she’s doing everything possible to draw attention to herself, while also not wanting to draw attention to herself! It might be just too ridiculous, but I do want to see how this one plays out.

Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari

  • Air Date: 6 Jan 2024
  • Studio: Staple Entertainment
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? No

Satou and his best friend, Hime, have been together for as long as he can remember. So when she tells him she's going back to her home world to get married, his first thought is to follow her and crash her wedding. All goes according to plan, and with a kiss from Hime herself, Satou becomes the new groom! But unbeknownst to Satou, the man who marries Hime is destined to be a hero of immense power and save the world! Is Satou up for the challenge, or is this just too much responsibility...

There’s something about this concept that seems cute to me. This guy’s childhood friend is going back to another world to get married. So he goes after her…and then ends up married to her instead. But that would be boring so he’s also got to gain powers out of it and basically some hero status. That alone could make for a fun show. But it seems as if he’s also going to have a harem of wives. Sure, let’s see what happens! It could be a crazy mess, but it could be a good show and a lot of fun.

Saijaku Tamer wa Gomi Hiroi no Tabi wo Hajimemashita

  • Air Date: 12 Jan 2024
  • Studio: Studio Massket
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? No

Young Ivy can’t catch a break. Though she has a few memories of her past life, she was reborn into an RPG-like world in the weakest class, and worse, as the weakest rank. As a no-star Tamer, even her parents want nothing to do with her, and she soon realizes she must survive on her own. She learns to live off the land and salvage what she can from other people’s leavings. But when Ivy manages to tame Sora, a lowly slime, everything changes for both of them. There’s something special about this

This could be a sweet show. Another isekai, but this time the character isn’t given obvious OP powers right away. Instead she appears to be super weak and is basically discarded by her own people! And hey I’m always up for another show where the main character is a monster tamer and has a slime as one of their first monsters. There appears to be a strong emotional pull by how badly Ivy is treated before she meets her slime. I’m pulling for this girl. Not sure how good the show will be, but it’s got potential.

Saikyou Tank no Meikyuu Kouryaku

  • Air Date: 6 Jan 2024
  • Studio: STUDIO POLON
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? No

Rud is a tank of the Hero's Party and is said to have the highest defense ever in history. The party often does labyrinth raids, but to Rud, it means more than just a raid. To cure his beloved sister's illness, he is in search for the wish-granting treasure that might be hidden in those labyrinths. But one day, the arrogant hero kicks him from the party after an unsuccessful raid attempt, blaming it on his skills whose effects he is still unaware of. Without nowhere else to go...

This makes at least two shows that will be focused on a character discarded by the hero’s party. I don’t mind this trend, but only if the hero’s party isn’t full of complete morons. Not sure if that will be the case here or not. But they did toss away someone they know has incredibly good defensive stats. Which works if you need a tank character. But regardless of how smart the hero is, at least his loss is the main character’s gain. Because he’s apparently going to exchange his previous party for a pair of cute girls. One of which will be able to help reveal his hidden talents and turn him from a great tank into something even more OP. 

One thing that got my attention is that Nin (one of the main girls) is voiced by Kaede Hondo who voiced Maple in another series about an OP character with a shield. I’m sure that wasn’t a priority, but it made this show a bit more interesting.


2024 looks to get off to a solid start. Now this isn’t Fall 2023 levels of stacked. That season was ridiculous and there’s no making up for a lot of those shows ending. Spring already looks ridiculous even now. But this is about Winter. This season is going to have good shows. It thankfully will have good carryovers with Sousou no Frieren sticking around. But it isn’t just going to be up to Frieren to carry the day. I am honestly happy to have Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu coming back. The original season was one of my favourites in 2021. There’s a lot of familiarity for me with Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun and Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu both coming back. 

As usual there’s a decent amount of romcom, isekais, otome games, guys abandoned by the heroes’ party, etc. There aren’t a lot of big mecha series. But I think category is mostly filled by the Gundam Seed movie which I probably won’t get to see until…next September or so. But overall, this season has a decent mix and enough shows that I shouldn’t get bored. 

And with Hirogaru finishing early in 2024, I can pick up a couple of shows to talk about this time! That alone has me excited to see how things will play out. I’m sure there are a few shows that people are excited for that I didn’t even cover here. As always, I’m open to hearing about what people are excited to see. The one good thing about anime seasons is that something new is always around the corner and usually you can find a show or two that you’ll enjoy. I fully expect that to be the case this season. And I can’t wait to see what show utterly catches me offguard.

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