Honestly, I’ve been enjoying the Fall season so much that I haven’t even thought too hard about the coming Winter Season. But, regardless 2020 is coming and new shows are coming with it. So it is time to look at what is coming down the pipeline. I will say though that Fall really helped 2019 finish off on a strong note. I was honestly blown away by how much I enjoyed Fate/Grand Order even though I did know what to expect from the story. The adaptation has been top tier and a total success story. It may end up being one of my top Fate anime series even though it is adapting an arc in the middle of that game’s overall story. They just nailed it that well.

But we got way more than just that. Boku no Hero Academia has of course been very solid. It has been slower going in the first several episodes as they got the arc building and rolling. Kind of a given considering the nature of this arc, but it has remained very good at its worst. I was mostly good in avoiding disappointment this past season. Azur Lane really surprised me in how enjoyable it was. Nanatsu no Taizai hasn’t been as strong upon the switch to Deen, but it overall has been enjoyable still. Some shows lost me as they went along, but overall I’d consider Fall a great season. Regardless, it should be fun to see what we’ve got coming this Winter.

As always will rely on LiveChart and AniChart for summaries and determining what we’re actually going to get a chance to watch.

Series of High Interest

These are the shows I’m the most hyped to see. Odds are that is either because I’m familiar enough with a previous season/source material or just because the previews and summaries look really good. If these don’t turn out to be good that will be rather disappointing.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T

  • Air Date: 10 Jan 2020
  • Studio: J.C.Staff
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? Yes

The third season of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Misaka’s electro-manipulation abilities—and delightfully destructive Railgun projectile move—make her a rock star in Academy City. The techno-metropolis is packed with supernaturally powered students known as espers, including Misaka’s flirty friend and roommate, Kuroko. In this city full of super-powered gangs, mad scientists, and monsters—there’s no shortage of action!

So we’ve finally reached a third season for Railgun. Honestly, after the exhaustion of Index 3 and the about average level of Accelerator I’m a bit uneasy. But S2 for Railgun is honestly one of my top shows period. So I am excited to see where the story goes from here. Mikoto went through an incredibly emotional journey in the previous season. I don’t expect this season to surpass that since you just can’t surpass some things that easily. But if this season can be anywhere in that ballpark then that’s a huge win for 2020.

Kyokou Suiri

  • Air Date: 12 Jan 2020
  • Studio: Brain's Base
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? Maybe

The 17-year-old Kotoko has a unique situation. When she was a child, she was kidnapped by spirits called youkai, and returned missing one leg and one eye. Since then, she has been able to communicate with otherworldly forces, both benevolent and dangerous. Kotoko is alone in her power until she learns that the crush she's watched from afar, Kurou, has had his own encounter with youkai! As if being touched by the supernatural wasn't enough, Kurou's personal life is also in shambles...

I would really say the first PV sold me on this one. The setup sounds pretty interesting. Two people who have had pretty extreme histories with the supernatural end up being drawn together. The likely romantic situations unfolding could be fun along with seeing how these two have been shaped by their pasts beyond just the supernatural abilities they themselves now have. Plus maybe it is just the Full Metal Alchemist fan in me, but a main character that has lost parts of themselves and yet rises above sounds interesting to me.


  • Air Date: 9 Jan 2020
  • Studio: Felix Film
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? Maybe

Kashou Minazuki is an aspiring chef who moves away from his household to open his own cakeshop called "La Soleil". While he was unpacking, he discovers Chocola and Vanilla, two of the Minazuki's nekos, had stowed themselves in cardboard boxes and were brought along to his shop.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the franchise. Was happy to see an OVA being made in the first place since it was a pretty enjoyable story. So no complaints seeing this getting turned into a full blown anime. There’s enough material for at least a one cour show. A what-if universe where we managed to create catgirls that walked the very shaky line between pets and people. While I don’t expect to see this franchise debate whether or not that’s a good idea, I do expect a lot of heartwarming moments. Throw in the occasional bit of drama and we’re good.

Somali to Mori no Kamisama

  • Air Date: 9 Jan 2020
  • Studio: Satelight
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? Maybe

The world is ruled by spirits, goblins and all manner of strange creatures. Human beings are persecuted, to the very point of extinction. One day, a golem and a lone human girl meet. This is a record of the pair; one a member of a ruined race, the other a watchman of the forest. It tells of their travels together, and of the bond between father and daughter.

Honestly, the setting kind of sells this along with a strong PV. A world where the supernatural are so overwhelming that humanity has been persecuted to the point of near annihilation. You get what could be a great story of this golem raising a kid in such a world. We’ve seen plenty of ‘guy raises kid he just met as his own’ but this time we do it in a more fantasy setting along with replacing the guy with a golem. So long as the main characters hold up then this could be a really excellent series.

Series of Moderate Interest

Now to the shows I’m somewhat excited for. While not as excited about these as the category above, I’m still pretty interested in watching these. Some have intriguing premises that if done right could make for great shows. While some have source materials that I’m sort of familiar with, but not extremely interested in. Some of these could easily turn into my favorites. That uncertainty factor can turn into a positive surprise.

Heya Camp△

  • Air Date: 6 Jan 2020
  • Studio: C-Station
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? No

While the perfect getaway for most girls her age might be a fancy vacation with their loved ones, Rin Shima's ideal way of spending her days off is camping alone at the base of Mount Fuji...However, what starts off as one of Rin's usual camping sessions somehow ends up as a surprise get-together for two when the lost Nadeshiko Kagamihara is forced to take refuge at her campsite...

This is going to be a short. Which does take some hype off the table for me. But, it should be a good bit of fun until we get season 2. I enjoyed the little skits of the outdoors club in their tiny clubroom during the show. So I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever they do with this. I’m not super hyped since it isn’t the second season. But I’m still looking forward to it.

Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi

  • Air Date: 7 Jan 2020
  • Studio: Studio Deen
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? No

A sorcerer who was once the top student of the famous Tower of Fang, now spends his time chasing around his hopeless clients as a moneylender, at least until his client comes up with a plan to make money: marriage fraud. Unwillingly being dragged in to the plan, Orphen encounters a monster who has long been his goal since the day he left the Tower of Fang. Between those who seek to kill the monster and Orphen, giving everything to protect the monster, his lousy but peaceful days end.

The concept for this show at least seems pretty entertaining. I like the idea of this guy being trapped in a difficult situation. This guy is trying to turn his sister back to normal that’s become this monster that people are actively out to kill…because she’s a monster. So he’s got to keep her safe, try to turn her back to normal, and probably avoid being killed by her. If the action can hold up then I could easily enjoy this. Of course it is Studio Deen so…you never know. They can do pretty ok stuff, but I rarely expect high tier shows out of them.

Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!!

  • Air Date: 9 Jan 2020
  • Studio: Kinema Citrus
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? Maybe

The new anime will center around the band Mashumairesh!!!!, which includes guitarist and vocalist Howan of fox lineage, guitarist and vocalist MashimaHimeko of striped cat lineage, bassist and vocalist Delmin of the Devilmint Kiryū lineage, and drummer and vocalist Ruhuyu of wolf-girl lineage.

This one would easily be in the next tier if it was focusing on the original cast from the first two seasons. I’m not 100% against focusing on a new band. I’m sure the new cast will be pretty entertaining and likable. I’m just not sure if the show will try to go as epic as the first two seasons since this isn’t the same cast. At least they did also announce a fourth season and that hopefully will bring some focus back on the original cast. This show worked mostly thanks to the bonds between the main girls and honestly because of Cyan as the protagonist. Hopefully this season can capture even some of that magic.

Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku

  • Air Date: 8 Jan 2020
  • Studio: Silver Link
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? No

Kaede Honjou is invited by her friend Risa Shiramine to play a virtual reality MMO game with her. While Kaede doesn't dislike games, what she really, truly dislikes is being in pain. She creates a character named Maple, and decides to put all her points in VIT to minimize pain. As a result, she moves slowly, can't use magic, and even a rabbit can get the best of her. But as it turns out, she acquires a skill known as "Absolute Defense" as a result.

The concept alone has me smiling while looking ahead to this. I could totally understand it. Even if I don’t think a VR game would make pain hurt that much, I get wanting to limit that. Could easily see myself going all crazy about buffing up my defense and health so I’d be able to just survive and not get hurt. Plus maybe I just have a weak spot for shield girls after the latest Fate series. But this seems like a fun show that might have some decent action with it if Silver Link is up to it.

Koisuru Asteroid

  • Air Date: 3 Jan 2020
  • Studio: Doga Kobo
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? No

When she was little, Mira Kinohata met a boy named Ao at a campsite in town. While gazing at the starry sky together, Mira learns that there's a star with the same name as herself, but no star named Ao...Several years later, Mira enrolls at the Hoshizaki high school and decides to join the astronomy club to fulfill her promise. Mira goes to the club room and is reunited with Ao Manaka the person she made the promise to explore asteroids with and is shocked to learn that she is a girl!

It is almost guaranteed you’ll find one ‘cute girls doing cute things’ shows in a season. And I kind of like the idea of there being focus going to astronomy. A bit odd that they’d give away the whole “boy I knew ended up being a girl” thing in the summary, but oh well. In that case I’m left wondering why even make it part of the premise. But at least the characters look fine and I could see this being another very easy and enjoyable show. Fingers crossed, but I think this will at least be enjoyable.

Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Gaiden

  • Air Date: 4 Jan 2020
  • Studio: Shaft
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Blogging? No

In exchange for the fulfillment of a wish, Magical Girls keep fighting, unbeknownst to the rest of the world. But Iroha Tamaki can't seem to remember her wish. “When I became a Magical Girl, what did I wish for again?” There is a gaping hole in her life. Something important has been lost. But she continues to fight every day, without even knowing why… Then, a rumor begins to spread among Magical Girls. “Magical Girls can be saved if they go to Kamihama.”

Zero surprise that we’re getting this made. Madoka remains a pretty big deal franchise and of course the mobile game would get an anime. I didn’t get much into the mobile game myself since I want to limit my time sinks as much as possible. No idea how crazy dark this gets, although I’d suspect the main character will be ok since the mobile game would want to keep the protagonist in one piece. I’m curious to see what will happen really. If nothing else it should be something to keep an eye on. It ends up here though because I suspect with Madoka it might be a bit darker than I’m ok with watching week to week.


Overall, the Winter season looks really promising. There are still some serious monsters carrying over into the next season. Both the shows I’m covering are going to hold up and carry forward. Not that I mind whatsoever since I’m enjoying the heck out of both. But that means at most I pick up a show. That probably ends up being Railgun unless it turns into a total disaster which would be depressing. But, I have confidence that 2020 will get off on the right foot. There are some potential big hits to start the season and the overall depth of the season seems strong enough.

There are a fair number of shows I don’t know that much about but their summaries and trailers have me interested. As always I am glad to hear about what others think of the source materials for those shows so long as there aren’t any spoilers in there. Feel free to note what shows you are excited to see since I enjoy comparing where I’m at with others.

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