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Current Series

The End of the Rebuild of Evangelion – Evangelion 3.0+1.0 [Thoughts]

So, the final fourth installment of the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series came out this weekend, and I (like many any other people), curious about Hideaki Anno’s big ending to his sci-fi Mecha Mega Fr... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Summer 2021 Preview

Every time a new season approaches I’m caught a bit by surprise. One moment a new season is starting and the next it is ending. The positive thing is that there are always going to be new shows to enjo... Continue Reading

Mashiro no Oto – A Beautiful Beginning

They often say that nostalgia is one of the core fuels of music, powering its ability to resonate with people. Who “they” are and what the heart and soul of music is, is honestly not that imp... Continue Reading

Check Out – Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san

After three episodes this was a show I wanted to talk about. While not a show that I ended up wanting to cover for the season, it did leave an impression on me after a few episodes. One of those shows th... Continue Reading

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Missed Last Season: The Father of Isekai

The Father of Isekai aired as an anime this past 2021 Winter season and will release its second one sometime this Summer. The brainchild created between White Fox and Egg Firm is Studio Bind which was es... Continue Reading

Loving Horimiya as an Anime Only Watcher

So, as the Winter 2020 Anime season (one of the strongest seasons we've had in a while) draws to a close, I'm left wondering and musing about a few things. Winter 2020 was not an easy time for me persona... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Spring 2021 Preview

Time continues to march onward and Spring is upon us. The Winter Season was honestly solid and I’ll miss parts of it. But there is a lot to look forward to with Spring with a few anticipated sequels to... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Top Ten Anime Series of 2020

So we reach the end of 2020. To say this has been a ride would be putting it lightly. But, it is a good time to reflect on something positive like the top anime of the year! It is honestly a pretty fun t... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Winter 2021 Preview

So we head into 2021 and hopefully that’s a better year in general. At least the winter season looks pretty good from an early glance. It has a few shows I’ve been looking forward to for most of 2020... Continue Reading

Netflix Anime is Weird – Notaku AC V3 02

Another anime newscast from your pals Setsuken and Guardian Enzo. Our main focus this week (not counting Enzo’s double entendres) is Netflix (a recurrent theme for us). There’s also some Ghib... Continue Reading

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