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Current Series

Garo – Vanishing Line – 05

Its pretty much clear now, Garo Vanishing Line is never going to be a series that has any sort of real depth. Instead of depth, I think what Garo VL has to its benefit is great animation, solid productio... Continue Reading

Garo – Vanishing Line – 04

I hate to sound like a brat but... Can we just get on with it already? Four weeks into Garo Vanishing Line, and we're nowhere near even towards the start of the main narrative. At this point, I'm startin... Continue Reading

Garo – Vanishing Line – 03

After three episodes of hearing about the term constantly, I think its high time we hear about what exactly El Darado refers to, don’t you think? The question of what El darado is, and what exactly is ... Continue Reading

Garo – Vanishing Line – 02

Two episodes in, and I'm still not really sure what to make of Garo - Vanishing Line. Granted, we're still really early into the series, but if the history of this franchise is anything to go by, I feel ... Continue Reading

Garo – Vanishing Line – 01 [First Look]

What do you like better, steak or tacos? With a line like that, its hard not to wonder about whether what you're watching is actually an anime series from the GARO franchise or something else entirely. I... Continue Reading