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Current Series

Show by Rock!! – 12

Well, the final episode of Show by Rock!! was very predictable, but was still enjoyable to watch nonetheless. In many ways we had known a finale like this was coming down the pike from the moments we fou... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 11

Well, I certainly did not expect a jellyfish! I had guessed perhaps a tadpole or the like, but in retrospect when they showed Dagger approaching the members of Criticrista to turn them all into dark mons... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 10

I must admit that I am one of the absolute worst people in the world when it comes to guessing where a series' story will be headed - lots of ideas but almost uniformly and consistently incorrect. Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 09

Just ... wow. It is rare that I am correct when I guess where a series is heading regarding it's storyline, but it seems the stars must have been aligned in my favor for a few minutes last week. Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 08

When it comes down to it the main focus of this episode's narrative was, of course, the interpersonal relationships between the members of Shingan CrimsonZ, but the occasion for bringing these into close... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 07

After quite a few of the series unresolved elements were “placed on the table” during last week’s episode I had kind of figured that the second half of the series would revolve around C... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 06

Wow. If I had to summarize this episode in one phrase it would be "placing all the cards on the table". There were a lot of reveals going on here, but interestingly the episode was also an "unwinding" on... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 05

I tell you - this series is going to be the death of me - not only does each ep has soooo many things going on in it so far, but it is well written; events have proceeded and arisen in a believable, non-... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 04

Episode four was definitely a transition sort, and once again so many things are thrown at the viewers that it is hard to know where to begin! No doubt part of the reason is simply that the story of the ... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 03

Who would have thought this series would have had some of the largest "infodumps" per episode out of all the series I have been watching thus far? Which is fine, of course, but blogging each episode can ... Continue Reading