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Current Series

Puraore! Pride of Orange – 12 [Final]

It is kind of nice to see a show saving its best for the end. That’s not to say that Pride of Orange managed to turn into a great show at the end. But it was kind of nice to watch an episode that was e... Continue Reading

Puraore! Pride of Orange – 11

It’s a weird championship game where I’m cheering in part against the main characters. Someone has to stop this victory dance from happening and right now Snow White is the only hope there is. Obviou... Continue Reading

Puraore! Pride of Orange – 10

I knew we were close to the end from the episode count. But having the final match of the tournament already here still felt surprising. Maybe it is because we only saw them play a single game of it. And... Continue Reading

Puraore! Pride of Orange – 09

This episode was pretty steady. It mostly took place during the actual game being played so there was the most hockey focus we’ve had in the show. Even though obviously this was the Naomi and Riko focu... Continue Reading

Puraore! Pride of Orange – 08

The characters are back on the ice and bringing some potentially good drama with them. With Riko getting hurt that does put some pressure on everyone and should allow for some character development. That... Continue Reading

Puraore! Pride of Orange – 07

Nothing quite says hockey anime like a beach episode! I should have seen this coming considering how idol performances were thrown into the show to try and get attention to it. There’s no way they’d ... Continue Reading

Puraore! Pride of Orange – 06

At this point I’ve accepted that this show will be a weekly exercise in seeing what drives me crazy XD. Truly a test on whether an anime based on hockey in and of itself makes it tolerable! Not a good ... Continue Reading

Puraore! Pride of Orange – 05

In some ways I’m afraid of how much this show both does and doesn’t get me. What did I want from the opening of this episode? I wanted someone to call for the police...and at the very least Yu actual... Continue Reading

Puraore! Pride of Orange – 04

It would be absolutely perfect if the next episode opened up with the coach being dragged away by the police. The woman has completely admitted to stalking this teenage girl, spamming phone calls, and no... Continue Reading

Puraore! Pride of Orange – 03

The show surprisingly listened to me and got itself moving along a bit faster. They did need to push the pace and actually play some hockey before the show was halfway over and managed to do just that. W... Continue Reading