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Current Series

Planetarian OVA – 05 [End]

One of the most interesting things for me while following this excellent, excellent series has been seeing how some of the Key fans (a notoriously difficult group) and how some of those who have already ... Continue Reading

Planetarian OVA – 04

It has been quite difficult for me to articulate the effect this episode had on me. In some ways it reminded me very strongly of some of the feelings I often associate with the season of autumn – a... Continue Reading

Planetarian OVA – 03

That was a very nice episode to be sure, but was executed with a lighter and more “subdued” touch than I expected it to be. Even so, no complaints! The adaptation continues to be excellent an... Continue Reading

Planetarian OVA – 02

Interesting … as far as I could tell the second episode seemed to be dedicated to two primary things. The first was the Junker and Yumemi working together to try and fix “Miss Jena”, wh... Continue Reading

Planetarian OVA – 01

The source material for the Planetarian OVAs (of which there will be five as well as a movie based on a side story of the source itself) has long been held up as one of the most powerful visual novels Ke... Continue Reading