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Persona 4 The Animation 16

by | in Persona 4 | With Comments (2)

Now Persona 4 has officially returned to the action after using the last few episodes for arcanas and setting up what was coming. A shock for many I’m sure, but the case isn’t over yet. It se... Continue Reading


Persona 4 The Animation 15

by | in Persona 4 | With Comments (4)

Well now Persona is moving right back into the plot after an intense episode of Narukami having to get a ton of arcanas at once. Now we’re moving forward though it’s not like this episode was... Continue Reading


Persona 4 The Animation 14

by | in Persona 4 | With Comments (5)

It’s kind of a relief that this whole adventure started because Yu wanted to do something for Nanako. Wasn’t happy he left Nanako alone to just go arcana hunting. At least it was motivated by... Continue Reading


Persona 4 The Animation 13

by | in Persona 4 | With Comments (2)

Glad to have Persona back after that week off. A good thing they wrapped up the Mitsuo battle last week since after a break the tension would have been somewhat killed. Instead we are welcomed back with ... Continue Reading


Persona 4 The Animation 12

by | in Persona 4 | With Comments (2)

Well the episode did a good job of confusing me early on. The first impression was that our big battle against Mitsuo was going to be skipped entirely, but instead it was all a big trick played by his sh... Continue Reading


Persona 4 The Animation 11

by | in Persona 4 | With Comments (1)

Well a pretty busy episode overall. We have a new murder victim in King Moron, Rise officially joins the team, and Kuma grew a body….wait what!? Have to say that Kuma really stole the episode in a ... Continue Reading


Persona 4 The Animation 10

by | in Persona 4 | With Comments (3)

Well this time Kuma and Rise save the day. Even though this started as a mission to go and save Rise, both she and Kuma were necessary in order to settle this. I’m impressed that they managed to co... Continue Reading


Persona 4 The Animation 09

by | in Persona 4 | With Comments (6)

I welcome Rise Kujikawa to the series. Another victim appears and is taken into the TV which will require another rescue. I suspect from that short image of her shadow that this time the guys will be a b... Continue Reading


Persona 4 The Animation 08

by | in Persona 4 | With Comments (7)

This episode was definitely a mixed bag for the characters. They had some good times and some horrible times. We got a new arcana character being introduced along with a school camping trip. Though after... Continue Reading


Persona 4 The Animation 07

by | in Persona 4 | With Comments (4)

Well this time we got the…uncomfortable trip to rescue Kanji. At least they tried to insert as much comedy into this rescue as possible since for the guys this was an uncomfortable trip. Kanji̵... Continue Reading

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