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Current Series

Hinako Note – 06

The school cultural festival is upon us, and it’s time for the almost-but-not-quite-a-theater-club to put on their play. In some ways it feels like it’s taken us a while to get here, yet in o... Continue Reading

Alice to Zouroku – 06

After the “special” of last week (which was essentially a recap episode, something which three series have done this season as far as I am aware of), which was not that bad to be fair and at ... Continue Reading

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The Royal Tutor – 7

At long last, an entire episode dedicated to resident puppy dog and Character I Identify Way Too Closely With: Bruno! I liked “The Whereabouts of a Dream,” but I think I liked it more in retr... Continue Reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku – 06

This was another episode where the point of view character isn’t Natsume, but it definitely works. Nishimura and Kitamoto have been staple characters for this series from the early going. It is nice th... Continue Reading

Little Witch Academia (TV) – 19

In a lot of ways it is about time for some major Diana focused episodes. Even the reveal about her having that super rare Chariot card wasn’t very noteworthy. That has been an extremely safe bet since ... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S2 – 07

This wasn’t an action packed match, but in a lot of ways it was a good one. Some abilities and quirks just create situations where the end result is going to be one-sided no matter what. Even more so s... Continue Reading

Berserk – 19

Fast paced, action packed and pretty darn exciting! Its been a while since we've had an episode like this from Berserk, and as we get closer to the last leg of the series, its no wonder that things are s... Continue Reading

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Hinako Note – 05

So, important lessons from this episode: Hinako is a klutz, practice makes perfect, and friends help each other out in a pinch. I think that sums it up pretty nicely, don’t you? No need to spend an... Continue Reading

The Royal Tutor – 6

As promised last week, Licht takes center stage–or does he? Thanks to a tattletale noble, our youngest prince’s solo story quickly becomes a duet, and his dad seems more than happy to steal t... Continue Reading

Boruto – 06

Despite a strong finish, I still find myself having mixed feelings about this latest arc in Boruto (the show). It kind of mirrors my mixed feelings about not being able to blog Boruto on time until this ... Continue Reading

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