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Current Series

New Game!! – 05

Anyone ever find yourself in a situation like these girls have been in, with a boss who would always undercut your original estimate and tell you to get your work done faster than you say you can? With t... Continue Reading

New Game!! – 04

I imagine there are plenty of people who can sympathize with Hajime’s plight from the beginning of this episode. Personally I’m not one for going to big events (large crowds make me feel dist... Continue Reading

New Game!! – 03

I have to admit I tend to feel a bit uncomfortable with the first part of this episode. When I’m re-reading the manga I feel an urge to skip over this chapter there as well, for the same reason. I ... Continue Reading

New Game!! – 02

This episode was absolutely packed full of the sort of emotional moments that are my favorite parts of New Game!!.  So much so that I’ve been having trouble figuring out where to start, and how to... Continue Reading

New Game!! – 01 (First Look)

New Game!! has returned with an extra exclamation mark. I think it’s safe to say that this has been my most anticipated series of the season, given how much I enjoyed its strong first season a year... Continue Reading