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Magi 25 [Final]

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Well the series finishes off somewhat in the way it started. Focusing on the friendship between Aladdin and Alibaba, while giving a fair amount of focus to the rest of the cast. Most major characters at ... Continue Reading


Magi 24

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Nothing goes smoothly for Alibaba and company. Of course it was kind of a given over the past few episodes that Alibaba was going to be overtaken by that curse. Sadly things just kept getting worse throu... Continue Reading


Magi 23

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Well Magi is certainly building up to a pretty crazy situation. Things aren’t looking great for either Alibaba’s group or Sinbad. Both are either dealing with or about to deal with major thre... Continue Reading


Magi 22

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Things are never easy within a dungeon. If the problem isn’t the djinn going rogue, or weird monsters, you also have Al-Thamen making their more. You did expect that after spotting those suspicious... Continue Reading


Magi 21

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I will say this was quite the good episode for integrating Hakuryuu into the group. It was also a good chance to get an understanding for this guy. The last episode left me uncertain about this guy and n... Continue Reading


Magi 20

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Well as suspected that snake bite really became a problem for Alibaba and the others. A fairly sneaky way to infiltrate Sinbad’s kingdom for sure. Hide inside a guest and then make your move when t... Continue Reading


Magi 19

by | in Magi | With Comments (1)

Well this episode turned into an entertaining thing by the end. A good chunk of the episode asking the question “did he do it?” I really wasn’t expecting this to happen though. I comple... Continue Reading


Magi 18

by | in Magi | With Comments (2)

Well it was about time for some aftermath in this series. I mean really, they had gone through so much in Balbadd that a change of scenery was necessary. Unfortunately the visuals did take a bit of a hit... Continue Reading


Magi 17

by | in Magi | With Comments (0)

This was a good episode for the showdown between Alibaba/Aladdin and Judal/Kassim. I will say that both did far better than I expected. It wasn’t really an issue of hanging in there for Sinbad to h... Continue Reading


Magi 16

by | in Magi | With Comments (0)

This was both a tough episode for Alibaba and a great chance for him to step up as a character. It is completely understandable that he would be struggling to kill Kassim. For better or worse he’s ... Continue Reading

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