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Current Series

Karakuri Circus – 20

We are free from the flashback arc! At least until the next one. I’m not sure what they could possibly have a flashback about next, but hey I can’t discount the likelihood of more. It still feels as ... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 19

They did manage to change things up this week with the story mercifully moving forward once again. There may be a bit more of the flashbacks to come, but more or less the story has caught up with the pre... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 18

The latest big flashback arc continues and things are moving along. There’s no doubt the show is answering some questions. I still think it might have been a better move to tell this story in a chronol... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 17

This is certainly a flashback arc. We are both gaining more answers and more questions as time passes. At least they are cutting between the past and present enough to keep the story focused. The introdu... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 16

This episode felt like a return to quality for the show. The visuals held up nice and the story felt more coherent than other past episodes. The one downside was starting with Masaru’s grandfather bein... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 15

It’s really nice that the show changed things up and went to focus on Masaru for a bit. And by changing things up I mean the show basically put him in the same situation as Shirogane last episode. I’... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 14

I sort of miss Narumi. It was nice back when he was giving good advice to kids and being awesome. Now he’s going insane and trying to kill other main characters…Enough is enough Narumi. You just a hu... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 13

After a short break the show is back and the war against the Midnight Circus continues. Things are moving along pretty quickly and it shouldn’t take a huge amount of time to wrap up this conflict. Most... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 12

The war against the Midnight Circus continues and as expected the automata are whittling away at the shirogane forces as they go along. No surprises really came up in this episode. It was a given that Na... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 11

Well things are definitely picking back up. After what was certainly a memorable set of flashback episodes the plot races forward. And we are just going at this point with the Shirogane taking the fight ... Continue Reading