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Current Series

Karakuri Circus – 36 [Final]

I suppose on the positive side this episode went better than I expected. Obviously my hopes for this episode were about as low as Masaru’s bow before Faceless was. So it didn’t take much to surpass t... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 35

We’re almost to the finish line. It is rarely a good sign when I’m embracing the fact that a show is about to end, but here we are. This episode was rough for so many reasons. Masaru’s stupidity he... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 34

If nothing else the main cast did get their chance to return to the spotlight. Narumi and Masaru even got to win their first fights and take part in a throw down against an army. That’s a pretty good e... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 33

I wasn’t wrong about the body count starting to rise. Now there’s no telling about how many of these are truly permanent or legitimate deaths. We’ll see what happens next week since we’re about d... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 32

Now the show is set for potentially losing more of the minor supporting cast. I probably should have seen it coming that they’d somehow tie the automata coming to attack them to the dead mother from th... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 31

This was a solid episode that also fires up the signal that we are nearing the end of the story. Characters are getting their chance to shine outside of the main trio. Of course most of them end up dead ... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 30

This was a bit of a bounce back episode for the show. It was nice to see Guy get some spotlight. Sure he tried to murder Masaru in the past, but he’s still more likable than some other current heroes. ... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 29

“I remember when I didn’t hate the main character.” That’s what Karakuri Circus left me thinking after the end of this episode. You know a show has taken a really weird and bad turn when that’s... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 28

It would be pretty normal for this show to say there was some good elements that I liked and some really weird stuff. This show makes it interesting to try and build an opinion about it since it can go t... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 27

This honestly felt like one of the better planned out episodes in a while. You could see where some things were going, but it all came together nicely. It was worth pondering during the episode about wha... Continue Reading