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Fairy Tail S2 - 03 - f1

Fairy Tail 2 – 03

by | in Fairy Tail | With Comments (8)

Okay... Now I'll admit that, even I, am a bit worried. We're three episodes in and the story for Fairy Tail is as great as ever. The production on the other hand, is a completely different story. Its har... Continue Reading

Fairy Tail S2 - 02 - f1

Fairy Tail 2 – 02

by | in Fairy Tail | With Comments (10)

Fridays are definitely back to being memorable, as Fairy Tail continues to build on the momentum of not only the first episode, but the first series as well. I really have missed this, the story and buil... Continue Reading

Fairy Tail S2 - 01 - 01

Fairy Tail 2 – 01 [First Look]

by | in Fairy Tail | With Comments (21)

Its like we never left. Fairy Tail's second series is upon us, after about a year of wait, we're finally back to the story and the painful cliffhanger that we left on. The first episode of the new series... Continue Reading


Fairy Tail 175 [Final?]

by | in Fairy Tail | With Comments (24)

If you went into this episode looking for some form of closure, then prepare to feel a dissapointment and a tease that can rival the pain inducing cliffhanger of Code Geass's first season. Fairy Tail epi... Continue Reading


Fairy Tail 174

by | in Fairy Tail | With Comments (4)

So we're finally here huh? The second last episode of the Fairy Tail anime series? Wow. I'll say that its been a ride, and I've loved writing about Fairy Tail for as long as I have. I think my only regre... Continue Reading


Fairy Tail 173

by | in Fairy Tail | With Comments (6)

Second last post of the 6 episode review fest before the series ends? I won't harp on too much about this episode. The main battle that it focused on was the battle between Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel. ... Continue Reading


Fairy Tail 171-172

by | in Fairy Tail | With Comments (4)

Contiuing on with this 6 episode review bonanza (of sorts? XD), we dive right into episodes 171 and 172. Episode 172 pretty much focused on a bit of the reactions and fall out from the previous fights of... Continue Reading


Fairy Tail 169-170

by | in Fairy Tail | With Comments (1)

For one thing, I’ll say that this arc itself has been one of the best in Fairy Tail yet, with these episodes further cementing what makes Fairy Tail special: its characters and their exceedingly bad as... Continue Reading


Fairy Tail 166-168

by | in Fairy Tail | With Comments (2)

Seems like these multiple episode posts are becoming a bad habit of mine, but I have to admit that I'm not all that sad that I got to watch these three episodes in one go. Its a bit of a conundrum for m... Continue Reading


Fairy Tail 164-165

by | in Fairy Tail | With Comments (9)

Fairy Tail continues to go into new and rather uncomfortably dark territory with this arc. While the whole issue of an episode laden with fanservice that clearly pandered to the audience and fetishised i... Continue Reading

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