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Urara Meirochou – 02

Yes indeed … episode two trickled out a lot of tidbits of information and also teased many, many more questions about Chiya and her story, while at the same time enlarging a bit more on the city of... Continue Reading

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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – 01 (First Look)

Now here we have an anime adaptation based on a source manga that I have followed for some time from a mangaka who has written a fair number of series. But of all of them I think this is the one that I c... Continue Reading

Urara Meirochou – 01 (First Look)

This is one of those series that the pv’s and any information trickled out about it before it aired were very sparse. Just about all one knew was that it was an anime adaptation of a series that wa... Continue Reading

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Youjo Senki – 01 (First Look)

Every so often in an anime season a series comes along that you enjoy even though it is generally nothing like what one normally watches … these types of series sometimes find themselves in the ... Continue Reading

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Flower’s Top Ten Series of 2016

Once again we have come to that time where we look over the past year’s offerings and compile a list of what I felt were my favorite series that aired. Perhaps doing so could be the beginning for o... Continue Reading

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Matoi the Sacred Slayer Review

This series was on the radar of odd curiosities before the Fall 2016 began for a couple of reasons - the first was that it was a mahou shoujo based story (a genre I generally enjoy) but more interestingl... Continue Reading

Tamayura ~Graduation Photo~ Movies Review

For every viewer and follower of any art form there are pieces or works that have spoken to them strongly and helped to solidify their interest in the medium, and anime is no exception. For me one of the... Continue Reading

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Aria the Avvenire OVAs Review

This is a review that has been a long time coming, but also undoubtedly will be one of the most difficult for me to write. The Aria franchise is possibly my favorite anime franchise ever produced, and th... Continue Reading

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Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari Review

This is one of the series that I had been most anticipating for the Fall season, and, truth be told, if I had not already planned to blog Show by Rock!! 2 I would probably have chosen this series. There... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! 2 Review

When season one of the Show by Rock series aired last year it was one of my biggest surprises of that season, and of the year in general. So it was with no little excitement that I anticipated season two... Continue Reading