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Current Series

My Stepmom’s Daughter is My Ex – 02

This show remains good fun and the supporting cast really added to an enjoyable second episode. The dynamic between the leads is good. I can’t see a future where they don’t actually end up getting ba... Continue Reading

Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro – 03

Even though this episode had a total victory for the main characters the tone wasn’t exactly a cheerful one. I feel like Haku is going to continue having a hard time for just winning the battles that h... Continue Reading

Extreme Hearts – 01 [First Look]

This was a pretty fun first episode. Going into this show I really wasn’t sure how they were going to balance the various elements at play. There was a great deal of sports in the focus, but also super... Continue Reading

Lycoris Recoil – 02

This episode had quite a few twists and turns. Honestly, I was curious what was going to happen and didn’t expect everything to play out the way it did. It made for a pretty engaging episode since thin... Continue Reading

Black Summoner – 01 [First Look]

There is no escaping how prominent the isekai (going to another world) genre has been over the past few years. But if nothing else I appreciate when the genre tries to do something interesting with the c... Continue Reading

Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru – 01 [First Look]

This was a pretty cute first episode. And that was expected based on the summary and the initial trailers. Ayumu is a stone-faced powerhouse that may have work to do on his shogi skills, but can fluster ... Continue Reading

My Stepmom’s Daughter is My Ex – 01 [First Look]

This was a pretty enjoyable start to a show that I hoped would be good. Something about this scenario just left me smiling and kind of cheering the main pair on. After all, these two did have something b... Continue Reading

Lycoris Recoil – 01 [First Look]

This was a pretty amusing first episode. There was a good sense of fun with how over the top things could get in this first episode. You have Takina just grabbing heavy weaponry and mowing down all threa... Continue Reading

Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro – 01-02 [First Look]

This series sure returned without missing a beat. And that’s saying a lot since I didn’t even get around to rewatching the previous season since I didn’t expect to get into this one all that much. ... Continue Reading

RWBY: Hyousetsu Teikoku – 01-03 [First Look]

I found jumping into the first three episodes of this show an interesting experience. Talk about a good way to try out the three-episode rule! That allowed me to just jump into this franchise and start t... Continue Reading