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This was one show I was looking forward to since I enjoyed reading the manga. Tokiyuki’s journey had an extremely bloody start and I’m glad they didn’t tone that down. The result was simply a massacre. His people were betrayed by the warrior they trusted the most and who was supremely capable. Once he changed sides it was simply all over from that point onward. Kamakura was turned into a field of death and the show wasn’t going to be subtle about what happened to Tokiyuki’s father and his people. I can’t even blame Tokiyuki for becoming despondent. Who wouldn’t lose all sense of what to do when faced by their whole world being cruelly stamped out?

What a horror show

The situation was one where the fall of Kamakura was certainly easy enough. Tokiyuki’s father was truly a puppet ruler. There didn’t seem to be a single thought going on in his head. In that sense it’s no surprise that he simply went along with the expectation of ending his own life. There’s no way someone like him was going to escape that place anyways. It shows the expectations of the age too. Once their defeat was sealed…800 people ended their own lives. You could say of course that they had it easier than those that were caught up in the chaos and were gruesomely killed by Takauji’s men. There was nothing but bodies, blood, and fire to take in when looking at the ongoing massacre.

No denying that Takauji was thorough. He hardly left a chance that someone in Kamakura would be left to rise up against him. Everyone either driven to end their own lives or were simply slain. In theory he could have taken it even further and left no room for Tokiyuki to escape, but this was still pretty extreme!

I think he likes danger a bit too much!

I like Tokiyuki overall. He’s an oddball that doesn’t fit into that society up to the point of that massacre. But I agree he’s the kind of hero needed in that situation. Hundreds ended their own lives and will have no means of making Takauji pay for his betrayal and the horrors he’s unleashed. But Tokiyuki spent his childhood running from pretty much anything he could! And if nothing else those skills proved insanely valuable in allowing him to leave this first episode alive!

Because holy smokes he nearly died so many times I couldn’t keep count! Safe to say Yorishige shoved him down there because Tokiyuki needed it. Tokiyuki was giving up on life and honestly if Yorishige tried to force him to go with him he might have found a way to die along the way. But instead Tokiyuki was shoved into effectively a hornet’s nest and his instincts kicked in. That kid is good at evasion! It’s a bit scary how…excited he looked after his near-death experience. But it is clear that Tokiyuki has the ability to stay alive. And since any movement against Takauji would need a figurehead…it’s a good thing that their potential figurehead is really hard to kill!

He seems reliable!

Yorishige…is just kind of insane! The man literally has an aura (that he can apparently dim down). Credit to him of course for actually taking steps to rescue Tokiyuki. He may have the ability to somewhat see the future, but that’s still not a great place for any living person to be! I am curious how much of the future he saw and whether he believed things were about to turn out this way? If he knew this would happen weren’t there more steps he could have taken? Maybe not though. Just because he knows the future doesn’t mean he can convince enough people to mobilize or that he’d have enough time to organize more than a quick retreat.

Main villain is hearing voices!

This was a solid first episode. The visuals were pretty smooth and I think the action scenes will be entertaining. There’s naturally going to be some over the top stuff like with Tokiyuki’s evasiveness or Yorishige’s aura. But beyond those things it should be a pretty steady show. It’s good to know they won’t be that averse to showing some blood and getting a bit messy. They actually showed one guy trying to kill Tokiyuki that cut the arms off his ally! This show could be pretty crazy! It’s not a show I’m going to cover for the season, but I think it did a good job showing what it wants to be.

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