Score: B+

This is going to be a cute show! Rin is an extremely cute lead and her chemistry with Eiji should be truly entertaining. She truly is going to be a harem within a single character! Honestly, I think their romance is going to be cute as heck and I can’t wait to see how things go. I have a feeling her biggest challenge will be getting Eiji to realize that beyond playing characters she herself truly has feelings for him. It could lead to a bizarre situation where she’s effectively fighting against her own characters in order to win his attention! Her only hope is that Eiji will realize that she’d hardly be doing this with anyone else!

Is Tsundere-chan most powerful!?

The great question is which Rin is best girl!? We have Tsundere-chan, Cool-chan, Impish-chan and Spoiled-chan. I’m not sure if I missed anyone and part of me thinks she’ll add more characters as time goes on. But she does a great job getting into each one. They’ve all got their charms. I’m usually on the side of the tsundere so she’s got a strong edge, but Impish-chan might have a compelling case to make here! It’s all her in the end of course. But I just get a good kick out of seeing her really dive into each character either as needed for the moment or depending on what Eiji is asking of her.

He’s honestly really lucky to have such a sweet girl interested in him. His trickery when they first met probably gave a surprisingly good first impression, but regardless as to why she’s totally willing to do this kind of thing for him. No surprise since it gets her a lot of attention. It does make it tougher for him to realize how much of it is her true feelings, but it’s a great way to get closer to someone she likes.

Impish-chan almost took it too far!

Episode was made up of those various little skits. The best one for me might have been the phone one. Rin had such a hard time asking for his number as herself, but she did get somewhere upon relying on her characters. Impish-chan almost took it too far, but as expected Tsundere-chan saved the day! So much so that even Rin was thanking that character in her mind! And this scene honestly is what I expect from the show as it goes along. Rin’s dealing with a first love situation and these characters are a good way for her to express how she feels. The fact that he’s really into them just means that he’ll keep turning her way.

Nothing crazy, but just solid

I can’t say this is a show that is dripping with budget, but it is good enough for what it wants to do. In some ways a simpler approach makes Rin’s change into each character increasingly believable. She’s just making quick changes in order to get the point across, but only in a way that she can actually pull off. Tsundere-chan is mostly her holding her hair and just feels appropriate that way. A show with a crazy budget might have had her magically completely change her appearance as she took on each character. The show just feels very grounded.

Rin is a great girl

This was a solid start for another love comedy that’s airing this summer! In a lot of ways, we are spoiled when it comes to this genre. This will be a show that I’ll be watching with a smile on my face! At the same time, I’m confident in saying that I won’t be covering it this season. It’s fun, cute, and I like these two. At the same time, there’s not a lot I actually want to say beyond how much I’m enjoying it. It’s just really good. I feel bad for not being able to put it in a more eloquent way, but that’s how I feel about it!

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