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The wonderful journey of Spice and Wolf continues into the summer! The start of an arc is at least a time when things are going just fine for the main cast. They’ve made it to their next destination and we’ll see what kind of trouble awaits them there! Kumerson is the next location that will likely source some trouble and possible danger for Lawrence and Holo. You’d think a nice town that’s about to have a big festival wouldn’t be the worst place to visit, but I’m sure they’ll find a way to get into a pinch! Right now, it seems like the biggest trouble might just be internal. There may be a time when it doesn’t make sense for Lawrence and Holo to travel together. We’re not remotely there yet, but this is a stop that has them at least considering where that line might be.

Holo is good at what she does!

Everything started really well. Things are the most peaceful and cute when Lawrence and Holo are traveling quietly together. They get some good banter going. Lawrence is doing his best to steadily raise his game when it comes to handling Holo, but she is really tough to overcome! Honestly without someone around for her to be jealous of it’s tough for him to get an edge against her. But not like it’s a bad thing really. They got a chance to reminisce a bit about events like back during that coin incident. It was pretty badass that Lawrence stood his ground against those attackers while he was actively bleeding out! Very knightly!

Not always about how strong a person is, but their strength of character. Holo is so powerful in her wolf form that not many threats can take her on. But having someone willing to make that stand for her had great impact. And I love how much of the conversation was all about Holo angling to have Lawrence apologize for saying Holo wasn’t his type XD. I love it. These two are such a cute couple and they are just steadily growing closer as time goes along. Right now, it’s just teasing about them sharing a bed, but honestly it doesn’t feel too far off!

No surprise he’s smitten

New faces are obviously going to play some role in this next arc. Amati seems like a nice enough guy. I can’t blame him for being charmed by Holo. She is a lovely girl and knows how to flex her charm! And especially knows how to save her goofy and heavy drinking for the right time and place! Not much to say about the guy right now beyond the fact that he’s extremely talented. Honestly, I’d say between meeting Amati and seeing Mark again…Lawrence probably was a bit stressed about where his own career currently stands. Things went so poorly last time that it’s easy to forget how important opening his own shop is to him.

Honestly, I’d say that’s why he even got into the conversation of narrowing down Yoitsu’s location. There’s still time before they’d need to worry about tracking it down, but I think he can’t help but think about the future a bit. He’s not going to bail on Holo or anything. But the longer the journey the further away his shop really is. It would be a foolish thing of course to lose his connection to Holo with the goal of settling down somewhere. But I do get why he wanted to know. Nyohhira is now their present goal and everything else can at least wait until they get that far. But I can’t blame him at least wondering if she could make it back herself at that point. He could hang out in Nyohhira and wait for her after all. It wasn’t a cruel thought at least.

Mark seems like a nice guy

Seeing Mark was an interesting encounter. There’s nothing Mark did wrong. But I do think seeing a friend he knew from traveling already this established just left Lawrence feeling like he was falling behind. Mark has his shop, an apprentice, a wife, and a kid on the way. He’s settled in and clearly doing just fine. The best part for me though was just the casual friendliness. Lawrence has had a few connections shown off across the first couple arcs, but Mark just feels a bit different. He’s not someone up above Lawrence in his association or someone that Lawrence has been mentoring. They’ve been on the same kind of journey and one of them has just gotten established sooner.

The negotiation was good fun. Mark did his best, but he’s a merchant that focuses more on wheat. He’s just not quite able to handle Lawrence on this one. Nails just aren’t in his natural wheelhouse. Though Lawrence is right that there is some benefit in selling nails alongside his wheat since they are useful to the kind of people he’ll be selling to. That he’s selling nails does reflect how Lawrence’s confidence took a hit with the armor incident. Nails are truly some of the safest goods he could possibly be trading. They are compact, can carry a lot of them on a wagon, and towns are always going to need them! For that reason, there’s probably not much of a profit to be made, but he’s at least not going to go bankrupt this time around.

Various encounters waiting around the corner

I enjoyed the new OP/ED combination. In some ways I think the song for the OP was a bit stronger than the last one. Tough to compete with the original series’ song, but this was good XD. The ED had a nice upbeat tone to it and I liked the cute little story being told there. There’s never a bad thing to be said about focusing hard on the relationship between Lawrence and Holo. A cute ED like this won’t get boring anytime soon.

And I liked seeing the various characters that will define the next cour being shown off in this. It’s a really exciting season for me personally since we’ll be seeing an arc adapted that was skipped over in the original anime. We won’t quite catch up to where the anime’s second season ended, but we’ll be getting plenty close.

Situation is just complicated

This is the only spring show I was covering that will continue into Summer. There’s absolutely no reason for me to stop covering it now! I look forward to enjoying this ride as much as I did the first cour. Things ended a little tense in this episode with the conversation between Lawrence and Holo. But it wasn’t a conversation full of anger on either side. It’s just a sad reminder that they are different sorts of entities. Lawrence is painfully aware of his own lifespan and the time he has to accomplish his dreams. Holo could enjoy this journey for years if it took that long. But Lawrence either way will want to settle down before it takes that long! Maybe a good festival will help them recover a bit.

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