Score: A-

This was a pretty relaxed episode that helped let everything ease up a bit. The last few episodes were intense and honestly just jumping immediately into the next arc might not have felt quite right. They instead got to spend some time with Nora and showed off this era’s medical understanding! Not a bad thing either to dive into Holo’s mind a bit and see how she views the world. Her perspective really is something like an elf. She’s such a long-lived being that experiences can feel quite different from her point of view.

I get the Nora fever

I think Lawrence earned a little scare. Nora did save his bacon quite a bit thanks to her abilities. But Holo did way more to keep him alive during all this. Without her plan they would have been sunk. Spending most of his time at dinner cheerfully chatting with Nora and mostly ignoring Holo wasn’t a great move. That she didn’t have an appetite for meat should have been the world’s greatest red flag! Of course, she could have and should have said something when she noticed something wrong. But depending on how bad she was feeling it might have been too much for her. Sometimes you get focused on riding through that sort of thing or don’t want to cause a stir. But obviously if she could have said something it would have been good to. Falling from a chair didn’t do any harm, but best to be careful!

At least he did acknowledge later that he is a bit dense. Holo kind of has to let him know things since otherwise it’ll just go over his head. And considering we’re talking about health and safety…it’s not a bad thing to be on top of that. It does also connect of course to romantic issues. Lawrence just isn’t going to tell some things without being told. He may have suspected jealousy with Nora traveling with them, but he didn’t really notice the active frustrations she had during their dinner. Some things he’ll have to figure out as he goes and for other things she’s going to need to clue him.

Memory can be a bit fuzzy

Holo’s viewpoint is a good one to experience. For her life really was just a series of moments. Time just blended together when she was in that village. That’s all the truer since she likely didn’t interact with many after the person that she made the promise to passed away. The only moments that stood out were the occasional festivals that changed up the status quo a little. It was such an empty time in her life. The bonds that existed between her and the villagers barely even counted as such. It was more just shackles chaining her down. She kept her promise and that was about it. Life had to have felt so utterly vague in her mind.

But once she met Lawrence it was all different. Part of it is the impact of traveling and part is of course her falling for him. Each day is an adventure for her. Instead of one day being noteworthy across entire months, every day had meaning for Holo. Their interactions can go in a variety of directions at different points in the day. It’s not excessive to say that Lawrence truly makes Holo feel like she’s alive. There’s little time to be nostalgic, homesick, or depressed. She can keep tackling each day as it comes around.

Lawrence did his research

The medical stuff was good fun. Reminds me of history class where I did learn about some of these things. Humanity has done its best to learn and better treat medical conditions. It is of course no surprise that they are still a long way from it in the general period of time this show takes place in. It’d be stranger if they perfectly understood it. But there are of course things they can get right. And having Holo eat and drink what she did in this episode hardly did her any harm. I’m certainly not a medical professional and not like I could throw some cold medication through the screen to help Holo out XD. But it is oddly charming to have Lawrence so confident about his treatment when that era is still a long way away from understanding illness.

Things definitely got a bit chaotic with the way discussions played out. They are worried about dryness, wetness, etc. And one treatment leads to requiring something else to balance it out and there’s so much effort to keep things on the level. Each food having its own medicinal properties, but need to use other foods to balance out the parts you don’t need and…my head would be spinning if I was in Holo’s shoes! Certainly a good thing to only get this obsessive once Holo gets sick since if she had to refrain regularly for the sake of the balances within her body she’d probably lose her mind!

Everyone deserves a smile after this arc

I liked having a momentary chat with Nora and Holo. There are reasons that she’s not 100% a fan. Obviously, she doesn’t care for how smitten Lawrence can be around Nora and how she probably is his type. But it’s not like Lawrence is going to run off with her either. Things have already gotten far enough for that to not be a real worry! And at least these two shared a good hearty laugh regarding sheep and shepherding. Well, it was mostly joking at Lawrence’s expense, but if it means those two get along even a little bit more…I’m sure he’d take that! I like the answer that it takes a big heart to handle sheep. Certainly, Holo believes Lawrence to be a sheep of sorts and that she’ll need to keep a big heart in order to continue handling him!

A mysterious girl

The jump back to the (I guess) future was interesting. No mystery that Holo is telling the story of her past and her romance. Not exactly sure why they are keeping Holo’s face somewhat obscure since there’s no mystery about her identity there. As for the person she’s talking to…I mean there’s a lot of options, but only a few that seem likely. She’s hanging out without covering her head though I couldn’t quite make out her ears from those angles. Presumably there’s plenty of trust here. Considering she’s telling these stories into the depths of the night and the silvery color of the girl’s hair…Holo’s daughter seems a pretty plausible guess. Presumably we’ll only rarely cut back to her anyways though.

At least Holo recovered quickly

This was a solid episode. It wasn’t a heavy one in the slightest. There were just some cute moments like Holo getting jealous, Lawrence being dense, and Nora being a pretty relaxed and nice girl. I’m glad for Nora that things are going to work out. She should be able to leave town relatively soon and start on her path of a tailor. This situation was messy and dangerous, but everyone got out of it alive. Now we can happily move onto the next adventure. I know we should get to a story that wasn’t animated in the original adaptation. But I’m not sure if it’s yet the time for that. Regardless it’ll be nice to continue enjoying this show into another season. No mystery on whether I’ll keep talking about this!

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