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Two episodes to go and naturally things have gotten dire for the protagonists. Hoshino has really put herself into the worst spot possible and she’ll need the others to bail her out of it. To be fair she’s also left a lot of trouble to be cleaned up since she didn’t think her choice through. But that’s a good direction to take her character since making mistakes and learning from them is one way for people to grow. It’s just that her mistake in this episode is a massive one and isn’t a problem she can resolve on her own.

Hoshino made the wrong choice

Might as well start at the end. Hoshino was completely played here. Black Suit got her to cut a deal that likely dealt with the massive interest rate and a good amount of the Abydos debt. But through that she gave up all her human rights and killed Abydos. Something she should have thought of long before this is the fact that she’s the only literal member of the Student Council left. Once she graduates there is no student council to pay back the debt and the whole situation ends there! Even before this that was a huge problem that she didn’t think about. So now Kaiser owns almost the entire district and can simply take the school by force because there’s no legal entity to get in their way! The autonomy of the districts means there’s little reason to expect the General Student Council to do anything.

Even worse is that Hoshino misread who she was dealing with and his goals. Is Hoshino a legit badass that would make for a good mercenary? We’ve seen enough from flashbacks to gauge that as true. But she didn’t cut a deal with Kaiser, she cut it with the Black Suit guy who clearly has his own agenda and organization! Whatever being “the strongest mystic in Kivotos” means, Hoshino’s value is something different than just pure combat ability. Whatever happens with Kaiser it doesn’t matter. Abydos has to deal with this guy. Hoshino was behind from the start.

He lost the battle, but that’s all

In a sense that leaves the victory for Abydos a bit hollow. They did fight off Kaiser, but even if they threatened that robot guy…he’s not able to give Hoshino back to them. And their victory is a temporary one. Thanks to the firepower of PS68 they managed to hold their ground this time, but Kaiser can keep sending forces for as long as they desire. So long as Hoshino is gone there is nothing to do except desperately fight and slowly lose ground. And if they don’t have friends constantly backing them up it won’t even be a slow defeat! Thankfully Abydos is both incredibly motivated to save Hoshino anyways and they know how dire their position is. No one is confused about how little leverage they have as things stand.

Aru can make an entrance!

The fight itself was fun. It was very much within expectations for Aru to make another appearance and help her new friends with Abydos. Her outlaw lifestyle really lets her go in whatever direction her feelings dictate so there was good reason to help here. Besides she still respects them too much to see this group falling into despair. And the rest of her group are generally good people that generally will go along with Aru’s whims. If they didn’t like her then they wouldn’t be in that group at all. So, it was pretty satisfying seeing these groups rise to the occasion.

The Kaiser Corp provided a nice group of fodder for the main cast to knock around. Bringing out the big mech was fun since it did put the good guys into a tight spot. Their firepower wasn’t ideal for that sort of matchup. And it provided a great opportunity for Shiroko to fill in for Hoshino. Though she wouldn’t have gotten that chance without PS68 and company providing valuable support. That mech took bombs, gun shots, and really was only brought down by its own weapon.

The shield suits her

I’d say the best moment was the way that fight ended. Sensei finally got to do something physically useful! Sure, it was pretty much just throwing Hoshino’s shield to Shiroko, but he did contribute! That was one good shield! It took that attack extremely well and kept the space behind Shiroko protected. Which was a good thing since Sensei was back there! Shiroko got her shots off and the explosion made it all worthwhile! Even if this victory was just one small step, it was a satisfying one. This guy was pushing his luck and finally got what he deserved. Nothing like sending someone that arrogant packing!

Trusting this guy wasn’t the best plan

Now for the main characters to gather themselves and find their path forward. They’ve got two episodes left to figure this out. The main issue of the debt and the fate of the district are colossal. But this situation can be whittled down to one simple issue. Save Hoshino! If they don’t save her than they can’t do anything else anyways. Plus, it wouldn’t matter if they could if they had to abandon her to whatever experiment she’s being forced to take part in. Hoshino sadly has no way to turn this around herself. She got herself into this mess, but the bonds she’s made are going to need to come through to bail her out of it. Now we just have to see how the cast goes about actually saving her.

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