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Here is where the tide begins to turn a little. Lawrence and Holo aren’t out of the woods yet, but they at least have a path to follow now. Things were looking hopeless when the main option they had to use was Lawrence asking for money. Since it started out with just plain asking and was reduced to people throwing money at him to get him to stop begging for it. I suppose in one sense Lawrence was like a living nightmare to these guys. Every merchant (especially while they are a traveling merchant) would be worried about ending up bankrupt and penniless. And seeing someone they know falling to that low would likely be uncomfortable to say the least. It obviously doesn’t make their behavior appropriate though!

The tail is mad!

The moment with Holo and Lawrence in the inn was perfect. Because it just captured where they are right now, what’s been going on, and how they both felt about the situation. No shock that the focus for Holo wasn’t that Lawrence pushed her hand away it was that she felt a heavy dose of responsibility for this. The reality is that even without Holo there’s no way Lawrence was going to get that much money. But the point is that she didn’t consider how it would look and only thought about what she wanted to do. She hated the idea of sitting back while her companion had to run around desperately. But what Holo wanted wasn’t necessarily what Lawrence needed and she felt frustrated with herself over it.

But what really pissed her off was Lawrence giving her the money and walking off. That he’d just apologize and risk her running off with the money was too much. Beyond even that Holo spelled out her stance on things like this. If she did something wrong or if he did something wrong it’s better for them to yell at each other a bit and clear the air. Arguments aren’t necessarily evil. Sometimes they can be what is needed to get to the bottom of an issue. Too much consideration can drag an issue out and avoid getting it resolved in the end.

Good throw!

How this played out shows who these two are at their cores. Lawrence more than anything else felt awful about pushing Holo away and even momentarily putting blame on her. For him that was just a line that he shouldn’t cross and one where he couldn’t do enough to make up for it. He did the best he could in his own mind to make things as right as possible. But his approach just upset Holo because she wanted him to come in there and give her the fair amount of blame she felt she deserved for this. Holo didn’t get what she wanted out of it and Lawrence was left getting smacked in the head with a pouch of money. Almost a good thing he didn’t collect more cash!

Just give the girl what she wants!

Even with all the chaos they still found time for some cute romance with these two. Holo clearly fishing for something over the top when she set him up with the “why are you kind” sort of line. And then Lawrence…just utterly bumbled it! His personality!? Obviously, it’s part of his personality but come on dude! The visible signs of anticipation were right there with the wagging tail and twitching ears. She was ready for it! Holo was so ready for it that she reset the scene, so he’d have another chance to talk about her being too precious to him. That he was only so kind because it’s her! It didn’t matter if it was true or not. Sometimes a sweet lie is good in the moment! It all ended with laughs since they did need to focus on solutions.

Like this guy has any other choice!

It should be no surprise that all the elements are being pulled together for this one. Nora had to be part of the solution and the mention of gold smuggling early on set this up. It is a good way out of this mess for everyone. Lawrence needs to pay back his debt and honestly have enough money left over that he can still function as a merchant. Just paying back his debt leaves him broke. It’s also a win for Remerio. Lawrence isn’t the only one in a bad spot. Remerio lost out big when the northern expedition was cancelled. His company is falling apart and if nothing is done, he’s utterly ruined. He may have money set aside, but it’s clearly not enough to recover his business. Gambling on smuggling is all he can do here. And Holo cornering the man by transcribing conversations just further crushed him.

Nora needs this too

Nora’s recruitment was good. Lawrence was beating himself up a bit too much. I agree with Holo that Nora is not just some innocent wallflower. She didn’t survive this long on luck and she knows her situation as well as anyone. She hasn’t been trying to reach out to merchants and find other ways to make money because she’s satisfied where she is. Lawrence may be in the more immediate danger than Nora, but Nora is still in danger. The church will keep pushing until she gets killed somewhere along the way. Lawrence may feel like he’s swindled her, but Nora needs this solution just the same.

Hopefully this plan works out!

Now the challenge is getting the job done. They need to get to Lamtra, get the gold, get back to Ruvinheigen, and turn that smuggled gold into cash! There’s obviously a lot of steps involved and it’s not exactly going to be easy. But this is an actual path forward which is a miracle compared to where Lawrence was in the last episode. And with Holo and Nora around they should be safe from most kinds of threats that can be thrown at them. It’s just a matter of staying cool and getting the job done.

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