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If this episode did anything it was hammer home how utterly screwed Abydos is. It’s beyond a hopeless situation and I don’t honestly know what to even say regarding solutions. The hole is so deep that if the girls weren’t truly attached to their district and school, I’d tell them to pack it up and go. I’m proud of Sensei for not actually verbalizing that idea since there’s no way it would go over well. But this episode left the girls with very little room to maneuver. It’s such a tight spot that a night’s rest isn’t going to do much good besides push their worries to the future.

This guy has utterly outmaneuvered them

The school and district have been masterfully outplayed by Kaiser. I suppose that’s the downside to having independent school districts with that much authority put to the respective student councils. Bad decisions can be absolutely devastating. I agree the blame should go to Kaiser for manipulating people and steadily taking that land just to balance out the interests on the debt. If they played the same card as this episode, it would have been hopeless. The moment they signed a loan where Kaiser was free to manipulate the interest rate at the drop of a hat…it was game over for Abydos. What can anyone do but bend a knee to any given request?

There’s simply no way to pay off an increased interest rate of 3000% that’s insanity. These girls were barely covering the interest rate as it was. If they are after Hoshino the pressure to give into their demands is going to be through the roof. Honestly, they only have until the deadline of the next payment before they lose it all. They’ll immediately lose the school and must get out of there.

Hopefully he got through to Hoshino

Which makes the chat with Sensei and Hoshino even more concerning. Presumably she told Sensei about what she’s being pressured about and the offer that’s probably on the table. Hoshino plays the goofy girl but clearly, she was a serious and hardcore individual in the past. With everything on the line, I could easily see Hoshino considering taking that deal. She put together that resignation letter before things even got this serious, so she’s been considering it since the offer was given to her. There’s no guarantee Hoshino will do something drastic. But it’s worrying to see her walking home by herself.

A mysterious senpai

It’s a bit easier now to piece together Hoshino’s change in character and past. She clearly started out a truly hardcore and angry individual. In that sense I think she was closest to Serika in terms of overall personality. Bit less tsundere, but not one for goofing around. Her senpai on the other hand? The similarities between her and present-day Hoshino are undeniable. Maybe not in terms of height or physique…but in general personality. And it doesn’t seem like she took up this current personality without reason. Something horrible happened to the former president of Abydos. Something so tragic that left Hoshino broken afterwards.

Clearly Hoshino’s senpai was a bit of a goofball, but a good-natured person. The question though is what happened to her? The implication from Hoshino’s breakdown in the flashback is that she died. But it’s kind of tough for characters to die in this universe as we’ve seen. They blast each other with heavy weaponry all the time and simply shake it off. I’m also not sure how many of the land deals Hoshino’s senpai was involved in making. A good chance she was part of some of them. I could see her being the type to say that it’s better to sell what they can and hope for good fortune in the future. Still, it means her “loss” left the school without a functional student council. Hoshino clearly didn’t take the position which left Kaiser no means to buy up more land.

Young Hoshino went through a lot

This episode really was all for Hoshino and hammering home how bad the situation is. There wasn’t any fighting since it wouldn’t do Abydos any good to fight Kaiser at this point. The question now is where things go from here? Hoshino will be tempted to cut a deal, that point is obvious. Certainly, it’s a deal she can hardly refuse. We just must hope she doesn’t do anything drastic and can be talked out of it by the group the next day. If there’s a detail, I like it is the bond shown between Shiroko and Hoshino. There’s a lot there that we still haven’t learned about, but there’s no question that they trust each other. I just hope this will all work out.

Only a few episodes left now. Things are at a low point, but it feels as if things will get a little bit worse before they get better. Fingers crossed that Blue Archive nails the ending and we can leave this first season with a smile.

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