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Things are clearly about to kick off going into the last third of the show. Shiroko and Sensei are both aware that the situation with Hoshino is of primary concern. She’s not talking about what is going on, but there’s no doubt that something is going on. Hoshino managed to sneak away from the confrontation in this episode, but there isn’t a chance that either Shiroko or Sensei are going to stop worrying. The only real question is how quickly things are about to spiral out of control on us? Odds are good that it’ll be soon considering how Hoshino and Mr. Black Suit were talking to themselves.

I do want to take a moment to celebrate that Blue Archive is finally going to be more readily available to people going forward. Episodes are starting to be released on Blue Archive’s official Youtube channel with subs. If nothing else, people can go there to follow along with the story. I won’t be pausing these reviews though to let those releases catch up. But I do think it’s good for anyone that wants to watch this show to be able to do so.

I appreciate Shiroko pushing

I like that Shiroko has been aggressive in trying to reach out. You can tell that Hoshino did quite a lot for her in the past and how much Shiroko cares about her. It wasn’t a casual thing trying to confront her at the Aquarium or at the school. There was an honest effort to extend a hand and hoping that Hoshino would open up and take it. It had to really hurt when Hoshino just went into silly mode and acted like nothing was wrong. Even though she’s obviously trying to protect Shiroko from something, that was painful to watch. It just wasn’t what she wanted to hear, but things got interrupted soon after so there was nothing to do but let it go.

That was mostly the same case at school, just with more intensity. Shiroko knows there’s something wrong and can’t just avert her eyes to make herself feel better. With Hoshino lying it’s even more worrying. If she’s lying about this occasion how many other times has, she been lying? What kind of trouble is Hoshino truly involved in? It’s not a question of her betraying them. That’s clearly not what Shiroko is worried about here. But it is worrying when she’s lying and just isn’t willing to talk at all. The panic had to spike 100% when seeing that application for dropping out from Abydos. That’s not something a person would carry around as a joke. Shiroko would of course lose her cool there. And Hoshino just had no good defense to break out in a moment like that.

I just don’t agree with Nonomi here

It is a bit disappointing to see how Nonomi handled things in the school. I get the idea of wanting to calm things down. Nonomi having a lot of faith in Hoshino and being willing to let some things slide isn’t shocking. But there are times to act and times to step away. I don’t think this is the latter! There is something going on with Hoshino. I can’t imagine someone like Nonomi who steps back and spends most of the aquarium trip taking pictures of others would miss that. Putting too much faith in someone can be disastrous if they stumble. Sometimes you must be willing to confront someone in trouble before things reach a point of no return. I hope for Nonomi’s sake that they haven’t missed their last chance before something happens.

I was glad to see these two

The trip itself was cute. It was a good chance for the cast to have a breather. They were just out there to enjoy themselves and not overthink things. In a greater picture perspective, it’s a good thing since they honestly aren’t going to have many chances to relax going forward. I enjoyed seeing them debate on which exhibits to see first, how they liked the various fish, and even…whether some of them were delicious or cute XD. I mean yeah…sure guys! Things like getting to see the dolphin exhibit is the sort of fun stuff that trips are all about. Nothing complicated about just having a good time.

I’m glad the trip gave a good excuse to show off a few other characters. With the prologue stuff getting trimmed down it meant that we didn’t really get to meet characters like Yuuka. The scene was obviously simple and more for fans of the game. But it was good to show the casual friendliness between Yuuka and Sensei. And it’s nice to see that she’d clearly like to have spent some time chatting, but didn’t want to intrude either. I don’t think Noa (the girl with her) was named here, but she was friendly.

Sensei isn’t going to ignore this

A good moment came right at the end with Shiroko and Sensei. It’s fair to say that Sensei at times is a passive character and that the girls take a lot of the spotlight. But I liked him going to speak with her alone and helped ease her worries. While I don’t love that Hoshino refused to reach out, I do think Shiroko needed to hear what Sensei said. Because I’m sure Hoshino does care about Shiroko and trusts her. The most important thing was for Sensei to say that he also wants to help Hoshino and asked her to leave this in his hands. If Shiroko felt alone then she’d only get more stressed out. But if she can trust Sensei to take on some burdens then she can take a breath.

Hopefully Shiroko can rest easy before things get crazy

Now we get to see where the show goes from here. Hoshino is clearly being pressured by this mysterious guy to go along with some sort of contract. A consequence or requirement of such a contract appears to be Hoshino needing to drop out. What is the offer “so good she can’t refuse” supposed to be? Is it erasing the Abydos debt? But I guess the worrying question is what exactly does this guy want from Hoshino? The next episode is going to be very interesting. Things are either going to start off with something happening to Hoshino or the episode likely ends with something happening.

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