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And so, the journey continues. It felt good to see Holo and Lawrence back on the road after how difficult things got in Pazzio. It obviously can never be truly smooth sailing, but it’s good to have them moving forward on their journey. This episode was just enjoyable and comfortable. It was a good chance to show where Holo and Lawrence are right now as a pair. A good chance as well to get some trading in and showing Lawrence taking real advantage of a swindler. Transporting armor probably makes sleeping a bit less comfortable, but I can’t blame him for jumping in on something safe and reliable.

Lawrence tried, but he lost this round

It’d be easy to spend hours writing about how great Lawrence and Holo are together. Ever since the original show they’ve been one of my favourite pairs in anime. This episode was full of good moments. They are a devastating pair in terms of trading, but they have such good chemistry. Lawrence is getting a bit more comfortable, but one can’t ignore Holo’s charms. The bit about the oil was just pure gold. Obviously Holo doesn’t need an excuse like a debt to stick with Lawrence. They already agreed to travel together and it’s not like he could force a giant wolf to pay any amount of money if she didn’t want to XD. But an excuse is an excuse. And it’s an excuse that will allow her to get some bonuses every now and then like oil for her tail.

She was right of course that he would end up agreeing to buy the oil. Her debt may be growing, but it just grows the excuse they have! Not like Lawrence feels comfortable or confident enough yet to outright call her out on it. Besides business is good. He gets quite a few wins having her around and can certainly avoid some extra spending here and there with the expectation that she will pay him back anyways. Although depending on how things go that debt may last his whole life!

Holo’s pride is justified

Holo herself is such a sweet and charming character. She can play the upbeat town girl, the quiet nun, or just be herself when they are alone. I do like moments though such as her emphatically expressing that she didn’t kill that Ruvinheigen guy! She may have bit his ass but he didn’t die from it! I’m sure she’s still sensitive about talking about killing humans around Lawrence considering the tense moments they had earlier in the show. It’s a difficult topic. Thankfully Lawrence got a good laugh out of the whole thing. It must be a bit amazing at times for him to be chatting with someone that has interacted with historical legends. Getting completely different points of view compared to what is considered historical fact.

Sometimes trickery backfires

The situation with the merchant was fun. There was a great turning of the tables (no pun intended) in that scene. This guy figured they were an easy mark that he could cheat for a personal profit. Pepper likely had risen in price so the temptation was undoubtedly there. But I get the feeling he’s happy to cheat anyone that crosses his path. Who’s going to notice if their profits are just a bit less than expected?

Unfortunately for him the answer is Holo. Lawrence is a merchant with potential but he’s not going to see through every trick. A huge red flag was waved when Holo both interrupted to ask for a drink and not have that drink be wine! She knows the value of theatrics and played her part to the letter. Claiming that this merchant was quite literally tilting the scales in his favour would work ok. But making a show of it was so much more effective. Watching the water just flow smoothly down the table to the other side made her point crystal clear. And Lawrence took full advantage! He pushed that guy hard and potentially has scored himself a big profit. Credit is credit, but I’m not surprised he really went for the profit here.

A potentially troublesome situation for Holo

A bonus of traveling with Holo is being able to completely disregard wolf threats. No shock that they were pretty much the only ones that took that detour. Lawrence has lived through wolf attacks and I’m sure many of those men had some experiences like that. But with Holo it’s an instant win button. They wouldn’t be her pack, but they know not to mess with a far larger and more powerful wolf. The one downside was a threat that Holo didn’t expect. Her least favourite type of person! No surprise that she wouldn’t be a fan of shepherds. Not that I expect many shepherds to stop a giant wolf from getting what she wants! On the other hand…she is a very cute girl. That’s a completely different kind of threat!

Another good episode!

The start of a new arc is plenty of fun. Lawrence and Holo can be a total treat since times are good. Lawrence made a great profit off the last arc and these two are completely on their games right now. There are hints of trouble like a potential rival showing up at the end of this episode. But overall things are just fine for these two. I’m sure there’s some fun that could be had in trying to predict what will happen next. But I’m just going to continue enjoying the ride. The chemistry of the main characters is a highlight of the show and a reason I can happily look forward to each episode. Let’s see if Holo gets her fruity treats in the coming episodes!

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