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This was an episode all about the action and dealing with the inevitable fallout of Gehenna making their move to capture Problem Solver 68 within Abydos territory. It was a good showdown with the impromptu team of Abydos and PS68 able to hold their own against the admittedly understaffed Gehenna squad. It was enough to keep things from getting any further out of hand. And it was a good opportunity for the former/current foes to team up against one that required their full attention.

Quality over quantity in this case

The big issue for Gehenna here was honestly the lack of primary units. No offence to the various forces brought along by Gehenna, but they were mostly ineffective. At best they acted as a distraction to keep Iori and Chinatsu from being attacked by 9 opponents at the same time! Iori did a great job against Abydos by herself, but it was asking a lot to handle everything. Plus, she is a more upfront type. That put her in good standing against a much more aggressive Abydos group, but not so much against PS68 who in general are a bit more tactical. Mutsuki is far more eager to play around with trickery.

And honestly Chinatsu just isn’t the upfront combat type. She was basically trying to go above and beyond to cover for the fact that there weren’t enough capable members that could take part in this on their side. It would pretty much be like asking Ayane to run around gunning people down. It’s just way too much for that sort of character. The only main advantage Gehenna had was pure numbers. At least with waves of enemies they might have gotten somewhere, but that’s not necessarily a given and would have been rather costly.

Good episode for Aru

I’ll give Aru some props in this episode. She did step up to back up Abydos instead of trying to take advantage of the chance to run. I do think that her guilt over what happened with the ramen shop was a factor as well in all this. And at least she was able to feel a sense of shame for what incident. While I’m not sure if she’s on the right track overall, I respect that her will to be an outlaw is something she won’t allow to break. Even the more sensible member Kayoko had to go along with Aru on this one.

Good on Serika as well for at least letting things go enough to face a more imminent threat. She’s the type that can at least take an apology. While dealing with PS68 was the priority going into this, it just wasn’t the time to try and fight them and Gehenna at the same time. And together (and with some tactical support) they were able to pretty much negate the colossal numbers advantage and win the critical fights. Honestly the only risk for that team was running out of ammo before Gehenna ran out of bodies!

A steady and responsible person

But time to get to the actual star of this episode! Hina made her debut and didn’t disappoint. Even without having to fire a shot she took good control of that crazy situation. No surprise, but she managed to get her side to completely back down in an instant. Ako had pushed her luck trying to make a move on Sensei and Schale and Hina wasn’t having any of it. There’s no doubt that Ako and Iori are going to be getting a good deal of discipline once Hina gets back. But equally impressive was that she was able to hold her ground just fine. There wasn’t much room to pick a fight even after that Abydos and PS68 team had decimated a lot of Hina’s people. Hina just had an intensity where if they tried to keep the fight going that she would end it definitively.

The situation was cleaned up simply as well. Hina had already started steering the situation to de-escalation with getting Ako to back off. Honestly whether Hoshino walked in or not she was almost certainly going to get everyone to pack it up and go home. This clearly wasn’t something Hina herself had signed off on or she would have been there (and completely changed the equation) from the beginning. Certainly, shows what kind of responsible person she is that she made sure to give her formal apology before getting her people out of there. While she almost certainly knew PS68 were still nearby she wasn’t going to push it.

Hoshino has her secrets

Absolutely Hoshino showing up when she did allowed things to calm down even faster. Honestly the more interesting reveals came regarding her being someone that Hina had kept a serious eye on even when she was a first year herself. There was obviously a noteworthy incident in the past that took Hoshino off the radar, but she apparently stuck around Abydos. It says enough that someone of Hina’s level has enough respect for Hoshino to not outright pick a fight. Hoshino plays up being a lazy and tired old man, but she’s obviously got quite a bit of ability hidden away.

Credit to Iori for her showing as well

This situation worked out well overall though. Without all that chaos Hina might not have had the opportunity to simply update Sensei about what the Kaiser group was getting up to within Abydos territory. It shows how diminished Abydos has become that other schools know what’s going on in their territory better than they do! The big thing though is that thankfully there is somewhere for the Abydos girls to turn their attention to after this incident. There is also the question of what Hoshino was up to that made her so late to the party, but that’s something to deal with later! I honestly had a blast seeing Hina make her anime debut and seeing one of the better fights of the show so far.

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