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Lawrence and Holo got through a difficult trial this time around. Things got a bit too close for comfort and could have gone much worse than this. Honestly the episode was over before I knew it. They mostly spent the episode on the run and yet still ended on a strong note. An episode like this truly makes me glad they didn’t decide to rush this and hurry through the material that was already covered in the original. It just wouldn’t have worked so well if they cut corners. I hope this episode worked exceedingly well for those that were seeing this story for the first time. Some interesting changes compared to the original, but everything still the Spice and Wolf I know and love.

He has no name…but I hate that guy!

This legitimately was a close call for Lawrence. If that guy had been a more competent assassin, it would have been all over. Thankfully Medio was obviously using their employees for this so…not exactly hardened assassins. Of course, stabbing someone in the arm can be fatal when they are underground and hardly able to access medical attention. But he could have delivered a far more devastating strike. Lawrence was also turning and moving when the man charged so maybe he just missed.

Credit to Lawrence for what fighting skills he does have. It’s nothing that reflects intense training since…he shouldn’t have any. I’m sure as a traveling merchant he’s had to spend far more time cramming knowledge into his skull instead of fighting techniques into his body. But he knew that sometimes you just need to hit the right spot! And even managed a fair point that asking God for forgiveness is hardly appropriate in that moment!

Charging up!

I kind of feel bad for those dogs! They were attack dogs sure, but it’s not like they chose to go down there! Can only imagine the instinctive terror for them at hearing Holo howling through the tunnels. A wolf is intense in general, but I’m sure they could tell what kind of dangerous being she was. Not worth throwing their lives away! Holo may have wanted to stay in her human form, if possible, but they weren’t going to challenge her and risk it all! It’s fun to have those occasional moments where Holo’s wolf nature is proudly shown off. And I truly appreciate how expressive they have made her tail in this remake. Having it really puff right up before she howls just expresses how much she’s putting into it!

Lawrence just looked like death at certain points

Credit to Lawrence and Holo for trying to protect each other here. Holo did a lot to help move Lawrence along, bandage his wound, and of course saved them in the end. But Lawrence did his part. He was at risk of bleeding out and the situation was dire. Taking the offer to get himself out of that was at least a possibility. But of course, it wasn’t one he could accept. These two are already close and giving her up to save his own skin…not a chance. That at least allowed Holo to take care of business.

That transformation was something!

Part of me is curious why Holo went for the blood instead of the wheat? Maybe she wanted dramatic effect to keep the attackers away while she transformed? Holo might have simply been angry and wanted to bite something! The choice to play up the horror/unsettling nature of her transformation was effective. I personally preferred the original where she just kind of…transformed fast. But this was intense with her body visibly contorting a bit to start turning back into a wolf!

And wow is Holo glorious. Whether she’s a gorgeous girl or a mighty wolf she’s got her charms. Holo was just huge and imposing. I don’t blame anyone for just plain running away. Wolves can be scary just in general, but one that’s far larger than a human being? That’s terrifying! Especially since she only expressed herself through growls and eyes that practically screamed out how she was out for blood! I’m not sure if anyone died or if they just had shattered bones! But either way they won’t soon forget being chased down by an angry wolf god!

He could have suffered more…

Yarei was fine here. You can see his shaky nature with how he awkwardly put the pressure onto Lawrence. It just shows how pathetic he is that as soon as things went against him, he started to whine about deities. He’s the one that tried to chase down this person he considered a deity and turn her into the church. Did he figure that nothing bad could ever happen? He really pushed his luck and it cost him. It also shows how easily he drew the line with ordering them to kill Lawrence. Considering how visibly weak Lawrence was it wasn’t necessary to order that much.

I’m going to draw a comparison to the original adaptation here. Nothing regarding the future, but just about what we’ve already seen in this episode. It could easily be all nostalgia here. But I think Chloe was such a good choice in all this. The whining about gods just seemed more endearing when a cute girl does it! I also think that adding that sexual tension between her and Lawrence just makes the whole situation stronger. Lawrence is turning her down as a merchant, as a friend, and as a woman. That just made the scene where she coldly tells them to kill Lawrence work even better. The betrayal just feels a bit deeper in her case.

Got into his story about the play he saw!

Now I really respect Marhait. He had to deal with Holo both as a giant wolf and back in human form all while Lawrence was unconscious. That guy has nerves of steel! I just also enjoyed his calmer interactions with Lawrence now that everything is resolved. It feels honest that he’s looking forward to seeing where Lawrence’s career goes. And giving him the series title drop was perfectly timed. This is as far as I know the end of the first volume of the light novel, so it makes sense to drop a title like this at the very end.

The ups and downs of the merchant side of this episode was great. Lawrence had the highs of knowing the deal was done, then came the low of realizing how little Milone made from the deal, and then it went right back up when finding out how much Medio paid to get the privileges they desperately wanted! Lawrence ended up doing great. He didn’t get nearly the amount he optimistically thought he might when jump into all this, but he did make out like a bandit. And with all of that he has his special traveling companion with him once more! All he had to do was desperately yell while in pain that he’d chase her to the forests of the north if she dared run after ruining those clothes with her transformation!

Don’t mess with Holo!

An episode like this reminds me why I love Spice and Wolf. The remake is a good-looking show that captures all the charm of the original. So glad that the major voices have all returned thus far. It would have been far too jarring to deal with a bunch of new voices in this series. Holo chasing down those thugs was purely satisfying, and I can’t wait to see their adventures continue. This is pure Spice and Wolf. You’ll get great character moments, good drama, economics, and the occasional flurry of action. This series just combines various elements into a package that is truly enjoyable.

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