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I love when Spice and Wolf starts building up to the conclusion of an arc. Can just feel the excitement with Lawrence struggling to get Holo back and the drama that commenced once she was recovered. The relationship between the leads is what really drives this show. And there’s no question that we got a lot of that wonderful relationship this week. Whether it was Holo being upset that Lawrence didn’t charge in to rescue her or the cute chat on the wagon…we were winning this week! And through all of that the economics remained a major factor. All these different parties are trying to outmaneuver each other and it’s a lot of fun to watch. Not something I’d usually say for economics!

That tail truly is expressive!

Holo did hype herself up too much. She must have envisioned Lawrence charging in to save her. He’d finally make his way to her, and they’d have a dramatic reunion. That was probably her scenario. I don’t think she was so excited that she thought he’d fight through the Medio Company alone. But she probably did think he’d be part of the raiding party. So, the fact that he wasn’t there, but instead was waiting underground certainly took a shot to her pride. That’s likely all the truer if she was actively excited and looking around for Lawrence…only to not find him there. Probably didn’t jump into some random person’s arms but…might have almost done so!

Lawrence did his best though. He’s still a pretty normal guy at the end of the day. It was already freaking him out just waiting for news. Having him shaking a bit while waiting just lets his humanity shine through. He’s a merchant. While Lawrence has been through some danger while traveling, I doubt he’s gone around fighting people left and right. And it’s hard to stay mad at the guy when he was openly happy that she was ok. Her safety was the top priority for him and she can’t hate that.

This round goes to Holo!

It’s a good thing we didn’t have to go long without some Lawrence and Holo cute scenes! Once she stopped being mad at him or being hurt by Yarei’s rejections they had some great little moments together. Holo herself is just a charming character. We could see that when she was defending her pride a bit by explaining her emotional reactions. But we could also see it when she abused her privilege as a cute girl by looking terribly shocked when he tried to get her back. You just can’t win! Lawrence is going to need some time to keep up with how Holo can easily mess around with him! At the very least he’ll need some experience in knowing that she’s going to do something like that!

But the moments underground showed that there is a strong bond forming here. Even when she messes around with him he isn’t upset. And Holo herself is happy to know that he’s ok with her being like that. Besides she was likely actually happy about him calling her cute. She just managed to use it as an excuse to tease him a bit more. And after the day they’ve had…it’s fair enough to let her have some fun. I’ll also just give a nod to the ridiculously cute animation of Holo moving her ears and goofing around in the back of the wagon. No real need for her to play around like that, but it was adorable so I’m all for it!

Being nervous is natural

Good work by Lawrence in holding his ground in negotiations. He absolutely drew the line at the idea of Milone reporting Medio for having Holo. Of course, it was presumed that he would implicate Milone with the Church if they did (even if he himself would also pay a price). But having Lawrence actively say it helped move the focus along to what Milone could do about this situation.

They needed a solution or else they were just going to lose. And while negotiating with the King (based on an estimate) was full of all kinds of risks, it was their best choice. Medio clearly had expectations in mind and maybe lacked the resources to gather all the Trenni Silver openly. That would explain Medio not using the approach of negotiating based on an estimate. They might not have the resources to gather the coins openly or don’t want to negotiate with the King without being fully prepared. Whatever their reasons they left the door open to a gamble by Milone.

Hopefully Marhait’s negotiations are successful

The real gamble starts here though. If Lawrence and Holo can stay safe for long enough then it’s game over. They’ll have a contract with the Trenni King and there’s nothing Medio can do. They want certain privileges themselves and picking a fight with a King over this wouldn’t get them what they want at all. But if Lawrence and Holo are caught then it’s a win for Medio. There are enough connections between Lawrence and Milone that they can turn them both in to the Church and destroy that rival company. The risk is all about timing though. If Medio doesn’t catch them fast enough, then the negotiations could be finished, and they’ll be creating a firestorm in reporting Holo and Lawrence to the Church.

I don’t think he’s feeling confident about all this

It’s tough on Holo to have Yarei say all that stuff to her. Though you get the feeling that he’s trying to act tough and is freaking out underneath. If he’s acknowledging Holo as a god, then he’s putting a lot at risk by being so antagonistic. I’m sure there was some venting from the perspective of that village never knowing when a bad harvest was going to come. At the same time, I think he just wanted to convince himself that it was going to be fine. That they could pick a fight with someone they had revered as a god and move forward with human power driving them.

It’s still damn rude and I get why Holo was so upset. At one moment she was thrilled that someone remembered and believed she existed. Then the next she was cut down by being rejected by one of the people she’d remained effectively trapped to help. It wasn’t fun for her sticking around the village for hundreds of years after the person she liked in that village died. And certainly, she didn’t want to see people suffering from bad (but necessary) harvests. I’m all with Lawrence though. Kick sand in the faces of those ungrateful people and move on to a happier future.

That expression is effective!

I’m really loving coming back to enjoy this story again. It’s really comforting that they are keeping a pretty close pace to the original. And since there’s less new material crammed into scenes it doesn’t quite feel as rushed as the first episode did. Instead, we seem to really be settling in for a long and successful adaptation of Spice and Wolf. I cannot wait for next week! They are on the run, and everything is riding on staying away from their pursuers. Can Holo and Lawrence win and get their profits? Or will things get messy before the end? We shall see!

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