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Konosuba has returned! It’s kind of crazy to think how much has happened since the first season aired back in 2016. Here we are with a third full season coming off both a movie for Konosuba itself and the Megumin prequel series. The story here is pretty much just picking up right from that movie. Kazuma is still pretty messed up from that whole incident and this episode really is about just getting him back to normal before starting up on the next story.

Fair enough…Kazuma

Fair enough that Kazuma was dealing with a bit of trauma. He had quite a time in the last while. Some good vibes with a few girls, but also having monsters/chimera people really gunning for him. It’s enough to leave a person a bit troubled. I do think the whole monk thing was a total waste of his time. There’s no way that would do him all that much good and he’d lose his mind in a strict place like that. But desperation does naturally lead to desperate actions. I can understand him trying anything just to feel like himself again.

This was nice…mostly

I did like the quiet moment with Megumin though. It ended on a comedic note as usual, but it showed that there is nice potential there. But I’m also happy that nothing outright happened then and there. The whole cast are full of idiots, and they tend to deserve their karmic suffering. But if something is going to happen then I’d like for it to feel right. Maybe it’s inescapable for Kazuma to immediately think about things like his popular phase having arrived. But I’d prefer to have his focus really be on the person (whoever it happens to be) that gets close to him. Not just jumping on an opportunity but jumping into it because it’s that specific person. Again though, I’m probably asking for too much. It is Konosuba.

Easy to fall for that

The Tranquility Girl thing was pretty much as expected. There was no way that this girl was being honest. But they sold it hard, so I get the main cast really holding back. Thankfully the girls won’t know what happened there so their dreams can be maintained. Even Kazuma had a tough time until she dropped the act. None of them are truly evil people. They may have major flaws, but none would be cheerful about killing some monster that was really acting super sweet and innocent.

Kazuma almost got a total win out of this in getting that magical mallet. Good odds I suppose that the mallet was introduced from outside. Aqua did send quite a few people to that world to try and save it. Not 100% certain, but it seems believable that someone would choose a mallet that makes infinite money. Not something that would really motivate the person to save the world, but it would let them live it up. If that’s the case, then the person stupidly approached that monster and got utterly drained dry. Too bad that they lost the mallet. Presumably Chris took it since she was the last person seen and…is of the thief class. I have expectations as to why. But I feel like it might be a spoiler to say, and I don’t want to ruin surprises for people.

She must have taken it…

Not sure what to say about the ending. 100% certain that Kazuma and company are going to cause all sorts of trouble. But maybe this meeting will lead to something good happening? They are picking up a reputation considering the number of Generals of the Demon King that they’ve dispatched in one way or another. But maybe Kazuma will end up at risk of being executed…again! You never know with Konosuba

I’m glad to have it back. Sometimes the comedy doesn’t quite work for me. It is still a series I’ve enjoyed over the years though. This show will provide some levity and the chance to see very flawed people get into all sorts of trouble! I just can’t cover it this time around, but I hope people have a good time watching it.

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