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I’m all for more pure fantasy series in anime. Of course, I’m even more in favor of anime to give sci-fi some love, but that’s not going to happen in this show! Instead, we are going to get a pretty nice story about a Prince and a Witch. One that looks to be entertaining since these two both have confident personalities. They can go back and forth at each other. It’s not surprising that they are hardly head over heels at this point. But there is plenty of potential there and I’m confident that Oscar will win her heart sooner than later.

Only someone this stubborn could chase after Tinasha

Oscar is an easy guy to like. He was extremely competent during those challenges and handled his interactions with Tinasha well. He’s exceedingly well-rounded, but that makes sense. This guy has spent most of his life under a curse and clearly has worked hard to build up the skills and knowledge needed to try and overcome it. It makes sense that he’s more than capable of charging up that tower. He even pulled out a legendary sword in Akashia. The type to make use of legendary weapons instead of letting them rot in storage.

No wonder he’s the first in a very long time to reach the top. The last battle challenge seemed to be risky. Even he acknowledged that taking one hit would be the end for him. But he handled it fine despite it being a 2 on 1 situation. Just crazy to think how much better he was doing than previous challengers. A total shame that he’s had to deal with this curse since without distractions Oscar could probably be doing better for his nation.

Goes right for a memory wipe after a proposal!

Tinasha is a treat in her own right. Understandable that she hasn’t had much interest in challengers to her tower since there have been so few and most don’t get very far. But even with saying that she does take stock of the people that are making the attempt. Those with vain reasons are basically sent off and have their memories altered. But she does pay attention to those that challenge out of desperation and with true need. She’s not going to turn her back on someone with a dying child if she can turn things around with her rather expansive powers.

Of course…there are limits! Suddenly becoming Oscar’s bride is a bit out of her comfort zone! It’s true that she can’t easily do much about the blessing that curses his bloodline. Her backup plan of just finding a woman that could handle bearing his child was certainly an option. She never intended to volunteer herself! She’s lived a pretty isolated life to this point and seems willing to keep on doing that. Although I suspect part of the reason, she hides away in that tower is because of her own past. I’m not surprised Oscar’s great grandfather was so smitten that he also wanted Tinasha to marry him XD. But he wasn’t quite as stubborn as his great grandson, so he eventually gave up on it. She certainly can handle bearing Oscar’s child, but we’ll see if she does go along with it.

Someone was determined…

A blessing so twisted that it becomes a curse. The Witch of Silence is one twisted piece of work. She didn’t use a curse because they tend to be too weak. A spell would have to follow magical rules and would be easier to get rid of. So instead, she twisted a blessing so far that it became a horrifying means of murder. Effectively creating a curse that would murder a woman from the inside if she got pregnant with a child from Oscar or his father. The hyped-up blessing protecting the child obviously wouldn’t be able to save the child from death when their mother died far too early in pregnancy.

I don’t know what motive that woman had. There’s a good chance that Oscar’s father did something to incur her wrath. But it honestly doesn’t matter when it comes to Oscar himself. She cursed an innocent child because she was supremely pissed about something. That’s simply unacceptable.

One step at a time

For the time being we’ll see how this trial period goes. Oscar has effectively bought himself a year to try and win Tinasha’s heart. I think it’s possible. But he’ll still have to navigate both any political opposition and Tinasha’s hesitation over it. Obviously, she could simply not want to get married. But it seems a given that her past is keeping her from getting close to anyone. It’s certainly not about someone being worthy since she turned down the last two guys that climbed the tower and asked for her to marry them. If Oscar can’t tackle the demons of her past, then it’s a hopeless endeavor.

I’m sure we’ll see her again

This is a fantasy show I can see myself smirking and enjoying quite a bit. The quote at the start was quite interesting. It implies that time travel of some sort is a possible solution. Maybe Tinasha could eventually suggest going back and preventing the blessing from ever being applied? But it just sounds like something is going to happen between them that might tempt them to undo everything.

Now this isn’t a show that will push into the already tough choice I have to make for shows to cover this season. But it’s worth giving some praise here and now. This ended up being as entertaining as I thought it might be when putting together the season preview.

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