Score: B

I like the potential for this show. It established the premise nicely within the first episode along with the stakes. It’s obvious from the opening scene that tragedy is around the corner and everything the MC can do to be ready for it will make all the difference in the world. I do think they could have set the MC’s age for this episode to a bit older (3 is kind of pushing it) but that’s fine. The important thing was establishing what the MC can do and how determined he’s going to be to gather as many budding elites as possible.

Definitely a handy skill

It’s nice to have an isekai protagonist that isn’t himself absurdly powerful. He has one powerful talent, but it is only one talent. The effectiveness of it will depend entirely on what Ars himself does with it. Can he effectively convince people both what their talents are and to use them for his sake? It’s almost necessary to dig deep and look to those that aren’t having much luck going their way. He might get lucky here and there with the soldiers his father already employs. But otherwise, he’s going to need to look for those that aren’t likely to know what their talents are or haven’t had the opportunity to make use of them.

Not that he’s neglecting those that aren’t talented. He’s doing all this because he can look ahead and see the age of chaos waiting. Not literally, but he can tell how this might go. By gathering elite talents, he can help protect the good people living in his domain. And if his father’s joke is on the money…he might become Emperor and able to help everyone on the continent.

Ars made a good call here!

Rietz was a great first pickup. Someone that was mistreated due to race and the tragedy involving his mercenary group. He’s got the talent to be a legend and now he’s got absolute loyalty to Ars. It sounds shady, but this is a win/win situation. Rietz would have either starved to death or possibly turned to banditry just to avoid that fate. Either way it wouldn’t be very ideal for him. Instead, he’ll get to hone his skills, work for someone he respects, and will probably be a legend in his own right by the end of his life. Heck, he might help reverse the discrimination against his people through his eventual accomplishments.

His mock battle against Ars’ father was pretty good. Nothing over the top visually, but enjoyable. Having him just able to survive showed the insane potential at play here. But Rietz digging deep to score that one hit was excellent. The power of motivation and passion isn’t to be underestimated!

His father was pretty darn OP

I enjoyed this first episode and just wanted to give it a quick shout out. There’s a lot of isekai that have come out over the years. But I did find elements of this refreshing. Raven (the father) being a rough, but good man was nice. Good to have a parental figure that isn’t either totally sweet or totally evil. There’s no way I’d have time to cover this show, but it had enough nice moments that commenting on it seemed appropriate.

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