Score: B+

This was a surprisingly cute first episode. Zagan and Nephelia are a nice pair. Even just the first episode got across how likeable they both are. They’ve certainly got a few things in common regarding their pasts and I think things will work out well for both. A good chance to no longer live isolated lives but instead having someone to care. The start is certainly a bit awkward since he did have to buy her at an auction. But the important thing is where things go from here and not necessarily how the ball got rolling.

I wonder what the cursed child thing is about…

I probably got too much of a kick out of Nephy regularly asking how Zagan was going to kill or torture her. She was really locked in on that! It is a sad thing that she was so convinced that her future was one of death or torment that she honestly wanted to know what would happen to try and steel her resolve. But it works in terms of comedy since we know nothing bad is going to happen to Nephy and that her future is much brighter than she thinks. Zagan’s over the top reactions to her suggestions helps keep the mood light.

But it is fair to think about how tragic her life has been. She was enslaved and was certain that death was right around the corner. But it doesn’t even seem as if her life only got bad after she was captured. For some reason Nephy wasn’t permitted a last name and was considered a cursed child. Is that related to her massive magical reserves? Was she simply too potentially powerful for her people to control? Whatever the reason she’s got a painful history to delve into.

He’s clearly come a long way

It’s nice that Zagan can somewhat relate to Nephy. The guy clearly hasn’t had it easy either. The difference is that he’s had the chance to drag himself out of the dark. He’s now got power and a certain degree of respect. That he’s a candidate to fill the recently emptied archdemon position says a lot. Now he only really has one friend that we’ve seen so it’s not as if everything is roses. But at least he’s got his own place and even before Nephy he could at least live relatively comfortably.

His main downside is that clearly his social skills haven’t turned out well. He did a great job making people think he’d do something horrific to Nephy. He’s got way too strong an ability to appear evil. Thankfully even by the end of this episode it should be clear to Nephy that he’s not a bad person. For the time being though he’s got “Diablo from How not to Summon a Demon Lord” levels of awkward communication skills. Not exactly easy to say that he spent a fortune to buy Nephy from that auction because he fell in love at first sight. Probably a good idea to ignore her questioning why he even purchased her in the first place.

Some mages are scum

This show appears willing to go to some dark places. I mean we opened with that psycho mage trying to flay a girl’s face off for his magic. Mages in this setting are clearly more than capable of being insanely cruel. Thank goodness that poor girl was saved by Zagan before she got hurt. She may have some traumatic memories of seeing someone’s skull getting smashed and blood splattering onto her face! Fingers crossed that she just considers that whole thing a dream!

The best thing for me is probably going to be the ship. I love the voice work from Nephy (Kana Ichinose) and Zagan (Yuusuke Kobayashi). They really give life to these two. The scene with the moon just shows how they both are going to need this eventual relationship. There’s just something tragic about it being forever since someone thanked Zagan and since Nephy has had reason to be grateful. But thankfully the tragic nature of their lives seems to be balanced out with the comedy of the present situation. It should be cute watching Zagan struggle to interact with his first love while Nephy tries to decipher him. The closer they get the more fun I’m sure it’ll be.

Guess we’ll see where this goes

I didn’t have high expectations for this one, but I had a good time with this episode. There’s a cuteness to the awkward romance being set into motion. It doesn’t hurt either that this show should be able to deliver some good action here and there. Zagan is packing quite a bit of power and I’m sure there’s potential for Nephy to tap into. The season is too packed for me to really cover this one. But I’m going to recommend people give the first episode a shot.

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