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So, we did get the big showdown against the Frieren duplicate. It wasn’t a long fight, but it did look good. This was a big moment for both Frieren and Fern. I’d say this is especially big for Fern, but I do think as a mentor this was impactful for Frieren. And with this win they’ve pretty much cleared this test. And with only 3 episodes to go that should take care of the mage exam. We might bring the group back together again to celebrate the accomplishment and possibly upset Fern again when Frieren oversleeps the next day XD.

Frieren can use some cool magic

I’m going to give full props to the fight we did get here. The spells looked good. I loved seeing Frieren busting out something beyond Zoltraak. The lightning spells just expressed the danger even without going into any details. And I do appreciate just showing the spells and naming them. We don’t need any explanation for what’s going on here. Just let the action speak for itself. It was nice to see what Frieren could do if she decided to escalate situations and use far more powerful spells. The music built up the moment and really let it stand out. Visually it was a spectacle and full credit to the staff behind the episode.

Still…it wasn’t exactly a marathon battle. Literally, I think the fight itself took about one minute. Maybe two minutes if we count Fern waiting behind that pillar and then launching her attack after the flashback. I’d say the fights versus Aura and her minions took up more screentime. You could argue that with someone as powerful as Frieren the fight can only go so long with the crazy threat level of each attack. This is the case where the setup was everything. They spent so much time planning it out that it’d be strange for the fight to take all that long.

No corners cut while planning the fight out

Considering everyone’s lives were riding on this fight I’m not surprised that almost all the episode was setup. They don’t have infinite tries at this and honestly Frieren is so powerful that any direct hit is probably going to be fatal. The only thing that golem will be taking back will be a corpse. If the golem has any chance of staying in one piece at all. How interesting the planning part is for the viewer will depend on the individual. Still, if Denken kept slamming on the breaks I was going to lose it eventually! I get their lives are at risk here. But does he remember that there is a ticking clock here? If they wait for absolute certainty and all the possible information they’ll fail anyways. Denken risks being the old man that is too cautious and unable to act.

It’s what they do…

I will say the biggest stretch in all of this is that Lawine and Kanne safely made it to the bottom. They aren’t bad girls, but this wasn’t a situation where I could see them thriving. We saw a little bit of water in that dungeon, but not nearly enough for Kanne to be a huge threat. And while Lawine’s ice magic was useful, they would likely get held up or defeated by a lot of the different possible duplicates. And honestly, it’s not like Lawine having some intel from her brother would make it any easier to travel the dungeon.

The fact that Lawine knew as much as she did make her actions at the start of this test even more unbelievable. The second this test was ready to begin she and Kanne should have walked over to Frieren. If she wasn’t ready to make a huge group, then at least team up with the one person they knew well enough to trust. It wasn’t like Frieren and Fern teleported. They just marched into the dungeon. No harm in asking a friend for some help. She had to know the possibility that a duplicate of Frieren would be in there and that it could be the biggest hurdle to clearing the exam. What was her plan?

I get that Serie and Flamme had different views

The flashback that focused on Frieren and Serie did help establish some of the history in that setting and the perspective that exists for Elves. It’s a pretty standard view that humans move so much faster than Elves because we must do so. They have pretty much forever which makes them less likely to change the status quo themselves. I respect that Flamme wanted her teacher to continue teaching humans magic in her place. But even she knew that Serie wasn’t likely to accept. It’s just a difference in viewpoints. Teaching those without potential just isn’t Serie’s thing. That Serie only gives a spell to mages that reach a high enough level shows that not much has changed there.

Serie was correct that Flamme’s efforts to get magic accepted would have a huge impact on the world. And we’ve seen a world set well past that point where people are creating new spells all the time and furthering the development of magic. And Himmel’s party defeating the Demon King opened the door for people to research without the fear of armies of demons killing everyone.

Always happy for a few Himmel scenes

This episode was solid. I did enjoy the flash and spectacle of Frieren vs her duplicate. And I like the idea that Fern was nicely capable of scoring the decisive blow. Zoltraak is “recent” from Frieren’s point of view so I can buy that she needs a moment to react to it. And this victory was only possible because Fern is gifted at hiding her mana, was using an extremely fast attacking spell, Frieren herself was distracting the duplicate, and because Fern attacks quickly. Everything led nicely to them being able to overcome that duplicate. Now they just need to finish off the monster behind the door and that’ll be it. There isn’t much time for duplicates to start gathering and the moment the monster falls that’ll be Game Over. I can’t wait to see if Sense’s duplicate rushes them at the last second…

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