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Well, this episode sets up the drama for the remainder of the season. It’s clear that Van is going to become a threat that will force Ruti to come back to confront him. The strategy to avoid trouble was a good one, but that strategy only holds up so long as Van doesn’t do anything extreme. Their faith in him having the same blessing as Ruti is going to cause them some trouble. Hopefully Tisse drops that into her next message since it’s a big deal. I am looking forward to seeing these heroes clash, though I have full confidence that Ruti could wipe the floor with this smug brat!

Hope the kids didn’t say too much!

I honestly wondered what might drag the cast back to Zoltan to deal with Van. But if he’s going after the city (and specifically Tisse)…then that will certainly do it! Sadly, the seeds planted by Red in the previous season are coming to bloom and not at a good time! The characters showing the willpower to follow their dreams and not wait for their blessings just seemed to set Van off. For someone as hyper religious as him that kind of thing shows how bad the town is! A city where people aren’t simply slaves to their blessings? Oh, he isn’t going to have that! It seemed a given that Ruti not obeying her blessing would set him off, but fair enough that he’ll get frustrated by people in general not obeying enough. Seems like he’ll try to turn this into some religious city.

Tisse handled her surprisingly well!

An interesting note though is how the faerie might be bad news. It’s not Van that Yarandrala is worried about. Something far more sinister has the plants worried and I’m going to roll with the message the show is visually trying to convey. She doesn’t like humans besides Van and I don’t think the priest guy is that pure evil. I think he’s bad news and is hiding Van’s true blessing. But I don’t think it’s him. Lavender might be a serious problem.

The hilarious thing though is that Tisse managed to handle her extremely well. I suppose she did realize that Lavender caught her earlier. So, she did need to handle that if she wanted to get close to Van. And going all in on her hot spring mania was perfect! It’s something she is honestly obsessed with. I did think that was a risky choice on her part. Since I feel like just secretly contacting Theodora and asking her about Van would be easier. But I guess she does need to put herself at risk to really force Ruti to come back. And if they want to give him the airship so he’ll just leave…having someone that knows where it is will help make that possible.

Not much action budget here

The action isn’t anything crazy in this show and the main cast defeating the monsters wasn’t a big deal. The bigger issue of course is that these monsters were able to use multiple blessings. Something is going on in this region and that’s a major concern. The gem beast was one thing, but these things are more evidence to that. Right now, the situation is manageable. But it’s going to become an issue as time goes on. It was good luck that Red was in that area at this time. If it was at any other time…this village would be wiped off the map! It is a bit of a shame that Ruti was left out of the action. But I guess it was nice to give her the chance to continue pushing her “I’m not a slave to my blessing” stance.

Tried to find something relatively tame for this part!

Naturally the show is happy to get as much fanservice in as possible. I’m not going to complain about that. Rit and Ruti are both lovely characters. I’m not going to say they needed to have a heart to heart in the bath, but it’s fine. It was a good moment for them in general. Obviously, there is that side element of Ruti basically wanting to be Red’s lover while Rit is the official wife…but I do think in general she appreciates what Rit has done for her brother. He is much happier now and marrying Rit will make him even happier. It’s good as well for Rit and Ruti to care about each other. They are going to be family and it’s not a bad thing for good feelings to exist there.

Be careful Tisse!

I like where we are going here. Van’s stance regarding the kids is what you’d expect at this point. There’s not much else for me to say beyond repeating the same points as past weeks. The man is heavily religious and that frames everything to him. The kids are worth his time. Harm shouldn’t come to them until they know what their purpose in life is. This episode continues to set up the coming conflict. Van is either going to attack Tisse when she reveals too much, or he’ll start messing with Zoltan. The monster thing might also come into it, but we’ll have to see there. This was another solid episode and I enjoyed seeing Tisse taking action and Ruti being ready to swoop in if anyone considers harming her friend!

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