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I enjoyed that we got a full Ruti and Tisse focused episode this week. Tisse was introduced part way through season 1 and Ruti was much a side character in that season. So, it’s kind of nice to take a momentary step back from Red and Rit and see how those two are doing. It was a nice little story that furthered the main plot a bit, but also cemented where the friendship between these two currently is. It does leave me looking forward to seeing what is going to happen. Peace and fun are all well and good, but this small town is going to become an increasingly big deal the bigger names start settling down here.

That’s serious grip strength!

Ruti’s morning routine was certainly something to behold! Some cute little workouts that shows that she can’t help but keep her body active to a certain degree. At least it was all simple and cute until she launched herself to the ceiling and almost broke it with her toes! How much power is this girl packing in that body!? It truly felt like she was going to crack that beam purely through toe power. The episode was full of moments that showed how utterly broken Ruti is, but that one really set the tone and was a good reminder. She is a top tier Hero, just one that is finally free to live her own life.

Just a normal adventurer…

It’s nice to see how Ruti is trying to define her own slow life. She is adventuring and staying active in that sense. But she does want to make that her side gig. Her focus is intended to be growing herbs. The obvious motivation to provide them to Red to help his business is there. But I like that she also has the motivation to do something that doesn’t require her immense power to succeed in. The Hero’s blessing will always be there even if the negative elements are suppressed. So, I get the desire to get away from all that and do something a bit more mundane.

Her biggest struggle is going to be finding a way to reign in her overwhelming power. Doing something insane and then saying “I’m just a normal adventurer” probably isn’t going to work out! Thankfully she’s “only” seen as the strongest adventurer in Zoltan. But if people start suspecting she’s way more than that then keeping a low profile will get harder. At least I think she might want to stop chopping monsters in half!

Tisse needed to hear that

Her motivation in this episode was extremely sweet. She could tell that Tisse was dealing with something and was trying her best to cheer her up. There’s something to be said about just wanting to be available to listen if Tisse was willing to talk. She just is awkward about it and didn’t know how to best reach out. It left Tisse wondering what was going on most of the day and getting a bit worried about Ruti instead.

But I’d say Ruti recovered by the end of the episode. She gave a nice little message to Tisse and cleared a lot up between them. While the idea of Tisse becoming a “Slow Life Assassin” (sounds like a new isekai) is a bit silly, the idea behind it is good. Tisse can be herself and still stay with Ruti. She has that assassin’s blessing and obviously she can’t just disregard it. But she doesn’t have to do everything by herself or sneak off to do assassin jobs without talking to Ruti. It’s ok to be open about what she’s dealing with.

Exactly the way he deserved to go

Surprisingly Tisse didn’t mess up as much as I thought she did. Or at least her actions didn’t cost them very badly. Thankfully Kiggith killed off anyone that would have given an accurate report and sent a pretty shoddy one himself. He wanted his 1v1 against Tisse and didn’t want anyone getting in the way. And by keeping his intel vague he remained valuable. So long as he won the fight he wouldn’t be losing out all that much. He could report about Tisse later and maybe say she killed his subordinates. Of course, it all depended on winning.

And he certainly didn’t do that! Tisse put up a great fight and honestly if she didn’t worry about the airship then she would have had an even easier time beating him. Her skill is excellent, and she wasn’t losing her cool. But this guy was more than willing to do whatever it took to win, was willing to break all assassin guild rules, and that gave him a certain edge. Good thing that Ruti was putting herself in the area and chipped in just enough to make sure that Tisse could take care of business.

Tisse is good at what she does

Kiggith just reflects the worst elements of this setting. Blessings can give so many abilities and the willingness to use them. But if they go too far then everything falls apart. Kiggith basically lost it and gave into his blessing. He wanted to kill but didn’t care to follow the rules of the Assassin guild. And he really turned into just a cruel homicidal maniac. Someone who would kill even his own allies for selfish reasons. His last breath was spent turning on his employer to try and keep Tisse from killing him. Any pride in his work was long gone and he died a pitiful person.

I do like though that the Assassin Guild is a really nice place. It has a dark reputation to help protect the members. People with blessings are somewhat under the control of those blessings. The Hero Blessing is a very extreme example, but even the Assassin Blessing is like that. So, it’s important for an organization to exist to support these people. And it helped create some oversight so people might resist giving into their blessing and lose control. More people might hesitate going rogue if they know the organization will step in. But they can retire if they want and that’s perfectly fine.

This guy is broken

Van is just a terror at this point. I can’t imagine he has the Hero Blessing. And that’s mostly based on his behaviors and emotions. This guy is way to open with his emotions to have that blessing. He’s also extremely callous and disregards the health of his own allies. Ruti couldn’t even kill Ares despite being absolutely pissed at him because her blessing wouldn’t allow it. She had to heal his injuries after nearly killing him. This guy doesn’t look remotely interested in protecting the lives of those around him. If they die, that’s just their fate. If he has something called the Holy Warrior Blessing then I wouldn’t be surprised. How strong is he compared to Ruti? We’ll find out, but I’m hoping he’s still reasonably weaker.

I’m all for episodes like this

I had a good time with this episode. It did take me a while to work out my thoughts on it, but I like what it did. Ruti got a lot of focus and Tisse got even more. It’s nice to know what these two are up to and what they are hoping to accomplish. It provides some stakes and something to protect. Ruti especially wants to hang onto her form of a Slow Life and I can’t see her letting go that easily. But a seriously dangerous guy will be heading their way soon. Can Ruti deal with him without everything going to hell? Can Red live up to his desire to live quietly and protect his sister? I’m hoping so, but that’ll be the test coming for them.

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