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And so, it ends! I know any 50-episode show can feel like a grind, but this one felt like it as it moved towards the finale. It probably doesn’t help that the first 15 episodes of Hirogaru were significantly better than the final 15 episodes. I will say this wasn’t a terrible show. But it is one that you can just feel the missed potential in it. There was so much they could have done, and they just couldn’t quite bring it together.

Visually they just went for it

They were trying so darn hard to hype up the fight in this episode and I think it backfired on them. There was no tension to this fight at all. It almost felt like the Precure were bullying this thing. It didn’t stand a chance in the slightest. And they were blasting away a big insert song and trying to create all this excitement with the “last” transformation for that battle on Earth. But it just felt empty. They beat their enemy easily. They only needed the same finisher as usual.

In a lot of ways they probably should have made saving Dark Sky the focus. Saving her being the last struggle would have let them end it on an emotional note and been pretty satisfying. But against a giant energy snake it was just…a series of things happening. It didn’t even take a minute to finish him once they started fighting on Earth. I think they only did it so Sky could (probably erroneously) declare that no one would welcome his power. Even though she did…for about 30 seconds. So I’m pretty sure he could find someone power hungry on Earth if he had a few minutes. But I can’t feel that bad for him either. If he wanted to escape the Precure…just leave Japan. It’s a big planet. It won’t be that easy to track you!

Mashiro will be a very clingy girlfriend

I’d say Mashiro was a bit overly dramatic about Sora, Ellee, and Tsubasa leaving. It’s not even like moving to another city. It’s like they are moving out of the same dorm to one down the street! They literally just have to walk through a portal and they can meet up without any trouble. You couldn’t find a more casual “separation” than this. Making too big a deal out of it probably made it harder on everyone. And the show honestly acknowledged that with everyone just casually showing up the next day. I’m not going to give it points for that. Acknowledging that the previous scene was kind of pointless doesn’t excuse having the scene there at all! Mashiro cried on the level of someone that watched a friend die. Sora basically didn’t go anywhere!

Also, I’m kind of surprised they had a scene of Sora leaving school on Earth. I think this might be one of the Precure seasons with the fewest episodes showing them at school that I’ve ever seen. Maybe she spent 3 episodes out of 50 in that school. It might be less than that XD.

How many people qualifies as an empire?

I’m still not sure how many people actually live in the Undergu Empire. It is just those 4? Are there citizens of that world? Is the Empress going to ditch the punk rocker look she’s got going? Did she ever apologize for trying to murder Kabaton early in the show? I’m honestly surprised he came back. Not only did she try to kill him, but he seemed to have stable employment on Earth. Hopefully she’s offering decent benefits. I’m kind of with Battamonda who is totally up for leaving if he can find a better job. He’s not obligated to stick around if he doesn’t want to.

The cast was nice

This was a tough last episode. It was less than 10 minutes of beating up the last boss and then epilogue. They had so little to do in this episode that they didn’t even need to do the classic move of cutting out the OP. They could fit that thing in there no problem because this was a simple finale. I honestly don’t have much to say about the episode itself it was just that straight forward. Sora will join guards, Tsubasa…will become a sage, Ageha is back to teaching, and Mashiro is back to writing storybooks. The fight was just a thing that happened. They just needed the last boss to get the heck out of the way so they could live their lives.

Show started well

Final Thoughts

This is a tough one to dive into. I picked up this show because the first few episodes back in 2023 were so darn strong. I can look back at those episode reviews and say “yeah, this was a good show.” It’s just too bad I can’t maintain that tone and feeling after 50 episodes. There’s just no way to tell how a show will play out and you always hope it will be even better than it started. But sometimes it just ends up weaker.

I will say right now that I still don’t regret talking about it. There were times it was truly soaring and one of the easiest shows to talk about of the past year. I’d say up to the defeat of Battamonda it was doing great. With how emotional it was to see Sora recover her heart of a hero it left me hyped to see where the show could go from there. Unfortunately, it feels like the writers also were wonder that and never figured it out. But at least in that moment it was doing great. It’s important to at least remember what the show did well.

Your final boss everyone

And yet I do have to acknowledge what it didn’t do well. The finale was not great. It had a glimmer of hope with Dark Sky. That wouldn’t have saved the second half of the show, but it would have helped! There was good buildup in episode 49 and it almost pulled it off. But the end of 49 and 50 just showed that they didn’t have much to work with. There wasn’t even anything to make the last episode emotional because ease of travel between worlds is easier than visiting a friend in a neighboring city! A 20-minute drive would warrant more emotions than the situation in this show because they can pop over to another world instantly. This isn’t even like Mahoutsukai where they must take a dimensional train. And everyone has kind of achieved their life goals already so there’s not much tension regarding the future.

She (sort of) had a busy season

The show really got lost though. A good chunk of time was spent hyping up Ellee before she became a Precure. She was a big deal and there was mystery surrounding her. But in the end that wasn’t a big deal and Majesty was kind of forgettable. She just became a Precure, kind of got weaker as the show went along, and then that was it. She’s just going to go back and be the Princess of Skyland now that the battle is over. They spent a good amount of time building up Ellee as a kid. As a precure it was awkward since she had the body of a teen but went back to a small child after. Majesty rarely got a chance to have a character and Ellee kind of stopped developing all that much once she became a Precure.

In terms of getting lost the same goes with Tsubasa. He starts out with the dream of flying despite being the type of bird that can’t. Then he becomes a Precure…and just kind of stops caring. Doesn’t think about how he can bring flying machines to Skyland or anything. He got a power-up via the Princess and so he didn’t care anymore. I get what they wanted in terms of him building up knowledge for the sake of learning and then becoming this handyman of Skyland. But it just felt weird.

He was an ok villain…to start

The worst element though was the villains. They were terrible. For most of the show the big bad…had no presence. We didn’t have a clue what they even wanted. The first two “generals” were decent in Kabaton and Battamonda. But Minoton was bad. Skearhead started out strong, then lost impact…and then became the twist final boss. The Empress started out intense with trying to kill Kabaton for his failures, but she stopped bothering when it came to Battamonda or Minoton. Why even bother with the kidnapping? Why didn’t she just wait to fully recover and then attack Skyland herself? She didn’t need Ellee’s powers for anything. The lack of focus and lack of care put into the villains made them a rough part of the show. Which is kind of too bad in a show where the main character wants to be a hero.

These two anchored the show

I will say that this show had potential and had a strong start. It just needed to pull it together and live up to it. That’s the one thing it sadly didn’t do. They needed a good plan for the story and where to take it. The main cast rarely had anything to do at all. After curing the King and Queen from Battamonda’s attack…they were aimless. They didn’t care to learn about the Undergu Empire or try to invade it. They just sat around waiting to be attacked each episode. If they wanted to do Dark Sky then building up to that over many episodes could have been clever. But, that’s not what happened.

See you Sky!

At least Sky and Prism were a nice pair. That relationship didn’t get as much focus in the second half, but I still liked it. Moments such as Sky freaking out over fighting alongside someone because she was afraid to lose them was good. Again, that could have built up to Dark Sky if they were thinking ahead. But at least it felt like these two truly cared about each other. They were a duo that made each other better. Those first few episodes (before we even got to Wing) really showed the potential of Hirogaru Sky Precure. I can’t say this show was one I’ll rate highly in the end. But at least it did have redeeming qualities.

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