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This is another series where I wonder if the opening episode will end up a bit more extreme than the rest of the show. The first episode is heavy with Amane erasing a demon and basically mocking Akutsu over it. But the second episode leans a bit more into the love comedy angle and had a more Kaguya-sama feel. Just with angels and demons…along with a major conflict going on between them. How things work out here isn’t simply about who makes the other one fall first but rather could mean a lot when it comes to their relationship with both sides of the angels and demons conflict. If Amane decides to side with Akutsu over her own people that could have a major impact. The same being said if Akutsu does give in and just helps Amane out with her demon hunts.

Strong and cute

I do like that there was some buildup between them before things got revealed. In that sense I really felt for Akutsu who was so sure this cute and perfect girl would be ideal for his mission. Then he finds out that she’s not only not the best choice…she’s a literal enemy. And credit to Amane that she’s a capable enemy. She pretty much overwhelmed him in no time. Even if she wasn’t playing around with his emotions, she’d still be difficult to handle. I’m glad that he did break out of her restraints once. It at least proves that he’s strong enough to be worth being one of the main characters in this show.

The demons are in a tough spot

It does seem like we’re going with a classic reversal of the angles being the bullying aggressors and the demons being mostly victims. That might not be the total case since we haven’t gotten to see that much of demon or angel society. But for now, it does seem like the demons are the ones in need of help to end the assault they’ve been dealing with. I don’t think they’ll get that help anytime soon though. Whatever the result of this versus battle between Amane and Akutsu, it’s not likely to be resolved anytime soon! In that sense I do wonder what the endgame with this conflict will be? Will the main pair team up to try and put an end to it?

Pretty good showdown

The second episode was a good deal of fun. They really decided to lean into this Kaguya-sama scenario of wanting to make the other side fall. Amane needs it because getting a useful pawn will further her plans to get back at those angels that have looked down at her. But obviously for Akutsu it’s important that he wins. If he wins then he can probably get that collar removed, deal with a threat to his people, and have a cute girl be into him. It’s nothing but positives if he can hold on and avoid swooning too hard himself.

That’s easier said than done of course. Both sides got hit hard by the efforts they each made to get exactly those reactions. I enjoyed seeing both getting serious about making the other fall. It worked so well because they were both honestly reacting to it. The great visual of the two boxers (voiced by Masako Nozawa (Goku) and Mayumi Tanaka (Luffy)) was pretty darn entertaining. These two are already heavily into each other and seeing either one swoon just made the whole thing even more fun.

Let the games begin!

I fully expect that the difficult situation between demons and angels will remain a major point in the show. But I’m not going to mind if this show is more like episode 2 than 1. If it’s just these two messing with each other I can get behind that. It probably will be a mix of the two though. Both characters are fun when they get into that romcom mode. Even after two episodes I’m sure that class is going to be aware of these two being heavily into each other. The teacher especially is going to be keeping an eye on them from here on out. They can try to seduce each other all they want…but probably shouldn’t upset the teacher. This show wasn’t anything incredible. But it opened with a solid pair of episodes. This seems like the kind of show I can sit back and watch.

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