Score: B+

A good amount of the old hero’s party came together and did a pretty good job out there. That Gem Beast was honestly a serious threat and one that could have easily won the fight. An opponent that can copy spells and can turn many weapons into lead? Yeah, that seems like a seriously troublesome enemy! It’s impressive that they managed to get through it. And I’m also wondering how Red ever thought he couldn’t pull his weight anymore when his tactical sense and potions scored them the win.

Ruti has…bold ideas.

I’ve got to give some note to Ruti who…has some interesting ideas about how the future might unfold! It’s a rare situation where I see a character that can divide spouse and lover into two categories. Ruti has completely accepted Rit being the one that Red will marry. But she’s apparently still gunning for the option of being Red’s lover. Not even just his lover, but she plans on being #1 in that category! I don’t blame Tisse for just sinking into the water when she hears that. She thought that Ruti might feel a bit lonely since her brother was moving forward in his life. But instead, she finds out that her friend…hasn’t let go in the slightest!

On some level you could say that Ruti doesn’t really know what she’s saying. She has spent most of her life brainwashed by her “blessing” and is just recovering her very identity. Her brother was the one consistent source of comfort in her life so of course she’d be very attached. Maybe she’d even misconstrue familial and romantic love and just needs time to differentiate them. Obviously, it’s not going to work out. Rit and Red are a very solid couple at this point. But I’m not surprised that she’s got this mindset that ironically reminds me of Melusine from Fate/Grand Order. Not the exact same scenario, but close enough that I had to note it.

Darn gem beast!

Kind of too bad for Red that he apparently didn’t get the gem he was after. Sadly, the beast didn’t have it and the giants apparently didn’t either. He can always try again later of course. The gem giants are bound to get one eventually and will certainly be willing to give it to him since he helped save their people. At least the dwarf got what he wanted. And his need was a bit of a higher priority since it was going to be needed for his wife to have as safe a delivery as possible. Though I do wonder if that means they’ll hold up on their plans for marriage until they can get the right gem for Rit’s ring? That would be a bit of a shame, but I guess they have the time for it.

They aren’t just sources of exp.

One nice thing I appreciated is that Red and Ruti do share a respect for life and a dislike for simply following the plans of the divine. They both obviously have good reason for that. Their lives have been seriously shifted because of that darn hero’s blessing that Ruti was stuck with. It’s an interesting viewpoint that they share. It seems a given that gem giants exist the way they do purely so people will have reasons to hunt them and grow their blessings. Monsters serve a function in the world. It’s not a satisfying function for the monsters themselves, but there is one. It’ll be interesting to see if one day they’ll try to pick a fight with the existing religion if not the deity behind it all.

Smiles for now

It’s now really a given that Van will cross paths with Ruti eventually. Unfortunately, the airship that she and Tisse took was tracked and that means eyes are going to be drawn towards Zoltan. And that means that Ruti will have to deal with the inner conflict that likely is building up for her. Is it ok for her to sit pat and do nothing? Or should she just prioritize living her life? I’m sure this new “hero” that has been turned into a religious zealot won’t be happy to see her ignoring her blessing. I don’t think he is on Ruti’s level with how new he is. But it could still make for a dangerous situation for the people of Zoltan. And I think Ruti would really hate to bring chaos to the new home that her brother has found for himself.

That elf is a bit wild

I totally get that Yarandrala wanted her friends to come live closer to her people. They’d be treated with the respect she feels they deserve and obviously she’s proud of her own heritage. But I get why Red and Rit want to stay put. They’ve found a home for themselves and built a place within that community. It’s home and not one they want to just give up so easily. Though maybe they are just a bit worried since Yarandrala is kind of a loose cannon that acts first and thinks later…

Tisse…has a lot to deal with

This was a solid episode. I enjoyed seeing the cast overcoming the tricky nature of that gem beast. And while Ruti’s mindset towards Red is concerning, I did enjoy how effective she was during the battles. And I’m not going to complain about a hot spring sequence this early in the show! Sometimes it’s just nice and comfortable to see lovely characters enjoying some relaxation time. So far, so good with this show.

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