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It’s good to have this show back. Makoto and company are well established so this season will be able to really go all out. Even more so because this is going to be a 2-cour season. 25 episodes will let them obviously cover way more ground than season 1 had the opportunity to do. The studios switching from C2C to JC Staff didn’t present a big difference at least when it comes to episode 1. There will be some visual differences, but it should turn out just fine. This episode did serve to softly ease people back into the world. There were plenty of flashbacks and monologues referencing the first season. And that’s fair since some haven’t seen this show since the first season ended back in late 2021.

Her journey is a long one…

Mio’s cooking…good luck to Makoto! Sending her out on a cooking journey is like unleashing a plague upon the world! She might be more hazardous while learning to cook than she was as an out-of-control super spider that was killing things left and right! It’s dire. In some ways I think she might want to find other ways to show how much she cares. But she’s chosen the path of cooking. Here’s hoping she finds some sort of breakthrough and doesn’t just kill a lot of people!

She nearly took out most of the main cast! Everyone was going down left and right. The only one that survived it was Tomoe…because she was wise enough and strong enough to avoid eating anything Mio made! It is sweet of course that Mio wants to make food and do things to make Makoto happy. She’s fallen good and hard there’s no question about that. But for her everything is eatable, and few things taste so badly that she can’t eat them. Heck, I’m not even sure there are things she finds too disgusting to eat. That’ll make cooking a legitimate challenge. She’ll have to really study what people want to eat, how they prepare food, and do her best to mimic that. Maybe it’ll be entirely comedic, and she never learns to cook. But for Mio’s sake let’s hope not.

Best not to anger him!

It’s interesting to see Makoto’s character trying to navigate forward after the events of season 1. He went through some terrible stuff. There’s no question that being too kind to people backfired and some scumbags made him pay for it. And then he made them pay for that. But the point is that he could be at risk of swinging too far the other way. This world may have its own morality and he may have to let go of some things he considered normal. But I’m not sure it’d be a good sign if he started turning his back on people. This time he avoided that. He trusted his gut enough to stick with it. Here’s hoping his gut doesn’t let him down.

His power remains extreme. And honestly, I think it’s a good sign that he didn’t kill the bandits. Part of him may still be willing to draw a line at killing unless he’s simply pushed too far. I know he’ll probably have to kill people in that world. But I do hope that he doesn’t lose his humanity along the way. Yeah, some of these people suck. But his parents were presumably ok, and they were from here. He himself is a child of this world. Giving up on the people here would be like giving up on himself. Being cautious is fine, but best not to turn into a terrible person.

Be nice if they were reasonably competent

I kind of wonder how Makoto’s relationship with the heroes of this world will play out? It’s not like they were at fault for the Goddess treating him like trash. Unless she actively picked some narcissistic jerks from Earth they probably are perfectly decent people. Part of me does hope that they are at least reasonably powerful. Makoto was given a lot of power by Tsukuyomi. But these two should have been given some reasonable levels of power by the Goddess. The difference I suppose is that one god gave absolutely everything he could spare while the Goddess may not have gone nearly so far. Plus, Makoto’s suicidal training method probably powered him up far more than what might be possible or considered possible by those Heroes. I just hope they aren’t stupidly weak.

Here’s hoping season 2 goes well!

This was a solid enough return to the show. It was really easing us back in with all the flashbacks and small adventures of the episode. Now we’re pretty much set for the season ahead. We know where Makoto is and where he’s headed. Going off to learn magic should make him even more frightening. It’d be nice if he can learn a few things about his parents along the way. Though it’s hard to say how famous his parents were or if anyone will remember people that left this world so long ago…It might get a bit tense too since he’s decided to stop wearing that mask and will face people…with a face that makes them step back with mild horror. Makoto’s character arc will be something to keep an eye on as the season continues.

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