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It’s not a bad thing to have some shows that push the envelope a bit. Honestly while watching this episode, I was surprised that it wasn’t censored to oblivion or toned down quite a bit. Sounds like it went a bit further than even the source material. Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete is a show that pushes things and that’s only after one episode. I can’t even imagine how far this show is going to go by the end of the season or where it will end up. It certainly had a memorable first episode if nothing else. This very likely isn’t a show I’m going to cover for the season. But it had such an impactful start that it felt wrong to not give it some attention.

She’s good at looking distressed over all this

Honestly, I’m not sure if I feel for Utena or not. Her initial feeling was not being keen on this and trying to turn down the recruitment. So, it’s not like she’s a purely bad person. Even having to be blackmailed into taking part in combat. I’d like to think if things got to the level of someone trying to kill the magical girls while she was tormenting them that she…wouldn’t go along with that. But probably she won’t have to face that moral crossroad.

It’s hard to feel too bad for her since honestly…the evil familiar is right. She’s a natural at it and is honestly enjoying herself. The girl is a sadist that still needs to accept it. It’s possible she’ll be avoiding that issue for the whole show, but I have a feeling she’s going to come to terms with her feelings eventually. Still, I do think there is a line between lewdly harassing the magical girls and killing them. Not that the enemy force couldn’t make that work. She’s darn good at messing with these girls and inflicting “injuries” that they’ll feel even in their day to day lives. At this rate she might awaken something in them…

Could probably just…finish them off

This does feel like a show where they’ll do their best to avoid taking any serious efforts to defeat the magical girls. Probably for the best since Utena is intensely good at what she does! Seriously, if someone just wanted to defeat the magical girls while she was in the middle of torturing them then it’d be game. Makes me wonder about the organization that Utena has been recruited into and their overall goals. We didn’t get much from them this week. Just that they are willing to blackmail someone into working for them. One fight took place at the school because they made her transform and the other at some abandoned location…not exactly doing anything too evil yet.

So…where do we go from here?

I guess another question is what on Earth will they do next? They’ve already gone in with bondage, spanking, and tickling. I’m pretty sure there are lines even this show can’t cross. But will they be able to keep it fresh with just torturing the magical girls until they nearly break but just barely manage to get out of it for too long? Heck, can this continue without the magical girls getting a power-up? Utena is just getting started and she’s already almost too much for them to handle. If she powers up in creating her monsters, then she’ll basically be unstoppable. This show will be outside the comfort zone of many and I totally get that.

Thematic monster

An impactful start for sure! I mean geeze. The concept seemed a bit uncertain to me when looking at the summaries and trailers. But it seems to know what it wants to do and is going for it. It’s the kind of show that anime just make work because it’s willing to go for it in this respect. For some I’m sure this will be their favourite show of the season. I don’t expect that to be the case for me…since Frieren is still airing! But it could be a memorable show or guilty pleasure. I don’t expect any deep insights as to the organization as a whole or having the fate of the world be on the line. But this could be a good and weird show.

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