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This is kind of the perfect time for a Christmas episode in terms of schedule. We’re right on Christmas Eve here. And I do like Christmas episodes in shows overall. When that choice makes sense then I say go for it. But…I will say that there are both reasons for it to be happening in this episode and reasons it probably shouldn’t be happening right now. We’re just right on the edge of the finale for this show. And certainly, there are reasons that these people should be focused on the coming war against the Undergu Empire and what might be lost in the process. But sure, you can argue that this is the best time to try and improve morale.

Hopefully this works

I am honestly mixed on whether this is a brilliant move or a questionable one. These people probably should be more cautious right now. If people can pass through the barrier, then it’s not entirely impossible for a spy to get inside. I’m not sure how this barrier scans for threats. Plus, just because the people are physically safe inside the barrier (maybe) doesn’t mean the Empire can’t…burn their other cities and settlements to ashes! Or they can destroy their crops and create a famine! A famine that would be very ironic considering they used a lot of ingredients for that Christmas party! They aren’t completely locked in since the Precure can head out to gather supplies. But they can’t exactly grow much food while inside that barrier.

It does make me curious if that barrier is all that. The barrier certainly could be as tough as Tsubasa thinks it will be. But the Empress was able to blast through the Precure’s top attack at least once. Unless that barrier is that strong across it’s entire surface…it’s not impossible that she gets in there. I also don’t love how the cast is remaining incredibly passive here. They did learn some things from the flashback, but they also seem ready to sit back and just wait to be attacked.

At least Ellee is motivated to help the people

Now I still think there’s value here. These people are depressed…as you’d expect of a people at war. They are being evacuated before they’ve been attacked, but it’s still a tough thing for everyone to pick up and move into one city. Tensions are going to build up the longer this situation remains. There is value in that sense to try and lift spirits using a holiday. There isn’t much the civilians can do anyways besides move and wait. So having them feel a bit happier should keep things calm until an actual attack happens. At that point all bets are off, but for now it’s good. Also, I’m not going to mention the silly naming scheme of Skyland and will just call it Christmas.

Hiya…bird Santa

Santa is of course a bird here. It does make me wonder though. Why are humans ruling the Kingdom? Birds seem to be pretty darn capable in this setting! You’d think the ability to fly would give them a huge edge over humans that need them to get anywhere. But ignoring the weird nature of Skyland’s society, it was very much fitting to have Santa be a bird. That he was getting assaulted by mini-twisters…I’m not sure what to make of that one honestly. It was a good excuse for the Precure to help him out. I’m just not sure if that was somehow related to the Undergu Empire or if Skyland weather is just that hostile.

Sure, this is fine

It’s the familiar Christmas story when you get past the business of the impending war! The Precure go off to help Santa deliver his presents and everyone feels good and happy about it. Butterfly’s busted powers allow her to make it a white Christmas. There was a relaxed comfort in just having the characters run around delivering presents. Nothing bad to be said about the wholesome nature of delivering presents to children. And that’s all the truer when those kids have every reason to be stressed out right now. There’s not much depth there, but it’s cute enough.

These two make the show work

The best part probably was Sora and Mashiro exchanging gifts. These two are the true core of the show. Ageha and Tsubasa are fairly minor characters in this story. Ellee is relatively more important, but Sora and Mashiro carry it. The choice to have them give each other the same notebook is cute and fitting. Mashiro sacrificed a bit to get that book for Sora who needed it after she lost her previous hero notebook. I totally see Sora going out to get that gift for Mashiro to (in a sense) pay her back for the gift that kind of started it all. And it makes sense that Mashiro is aware that Sora probably is running out of space in her original book and gets her a new one so she can continue without worry. More of this in the show would have been amazing.

Bring on the plot!

I’m glad they didn’t shove the Undergu Empire into this episode just for a pointless fight. It’s about time to get to resolving the story and settling things. The end of the episode hints effectively that Ellee’s story is finally…and I mean finally going to get moving. Let’s see where this story wants to go and let it get there! Whether this show goes to 48 episodes or 50 (which it sounds like it will) the point is that they need to wrap this up! Let’s see how the next episode goes.

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