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It’s a bittersweet feeling when a show you really enjoyed ends. There is that positive feeling about the ending really delivering. But it’s also a bit sad to say goodbye. I’ve had nothing but great things to say about Tearmoon the entire season. And I probably enjoyed it more than the average person did. So, it’s with mixed feelings that the last episode review for this show must be written. Well, I suppose there’s always some chance of a second season, but I’ve seen no sign of wonderful news of that nature. So will treat this like the end and give it the attention it absolutely deserves.

Life is looking good for Abel

They wrapped everything up in a nice way. The flames of revolution in Remno were extinguished and a massive loss of life was avoided. It’s a win for all parties, but especially good for Abel himself. We know how badly this could have gone. He almost was killed by Sion last week! This could have been the end of his Kingdom and his life! But thankfully the truth was discovered, and everything worked out. Heck, this probably gave Abel a huge boost in terms of popularity within his country. He wasn’t alone, but he basically resolved this. The people probably have more faith in him and his father is probably far prouder. Considering Abel was able to convince him not to execute the spies…I think it’s safe presume this much. And he’s still got a great girl in Mia that totally loves him. His life is golden!

Glad Sion…is getting something out of this

Things are a bit more mixed for Sion, though I’d say overall he gets a win here. Mostly because he really needed something like this. Much better to have this happen now than if it happened during the original timeline and after Mia’s death. Instead, he gets this sobering moment when he’s still young and has a chance to mature into a great ruler. And while he did absolutely interpret Mia’s masterful kick in a strange way, it does allow him to be much more level-headed in the future. Now he’ll be aware of how badly things could have gone and how important it is for him to really consider his action before taking them. And goodness knows it won’t hurt for him to consider the lives of those he decides to pass judgement on.

I only wish we’d gotten a chance to see him reacting to the news of his own intelligence division being behind this situation. It had to be terrifying to realize that he could have been dragged into an international conflict while being so certain of his own justice. Such a valuable win that the truth was made clear to him before it was too late.

Mia got so much out of this

It’s all wins for Mia today though. Abel didn’t die, a revolution was snuffed out, no one got executed, and all she really lost was some lovely shampoo! One thing I truly love is how Mia is far more level-headed than you’d think. It’d be so easy to get swept up in anger. These spies were monsters that directly caused the death of Mia, her father, and probably a lot of other people. Wanting revenge would be easy. But Mia has the cool-headed sense to look beyond that. I wouldn’t even be imagining the possibility that these people would get sent back in time if killed. But again, Mia (and we) don’t have a real clue how or why she was sent back in time. If she doesn’t know how it works, then how could she be sure that these guys wouldn’t get sent back in time themselves?

While her punishment for them may seem ridiculous, it’s better than risking the alternative. Mia knows first-hand how dangerous knowledge of the future is. If she could rework events to her benefit then so could any one of these guys. And maybe having Rafina utterly scold them for years straight will shake some things loose. If it does get intel on a larger conspiracy, then that’s a win for Mia. If she wants to live happily then she needs to overcome this shadowy organization. A few wins won’t matter if she doesn’t always win.

Victory for Mia…and her shampoo!

I love the hilarity of the “Mia kick.” They set it up so perfectly. It was already just hilarious that she took that tragic memory with Anne and used it to “train herself” to have stronger kicks! If her kick against Sion was still pretty darn weak then Anne really wasn’t kidding about them not hurting at all! No wonder she didn’t care! It was great of course that Sion used that weak kick as fuel for character growth. But the best part was how she scored an utter critical hit against Jem! The power of slipping on soap is no joke it seems! I’d say it’s too bad Mia didn’t try that against Sion but…yeah I guess she couldn’t bring herself to do that!

I love these two

Abel and Mia getting that moment early on was sweet. These two have had a difficult season and this was something they deserved. Mia wanted that sweet moment, and she got it. Of course, even though she can pick up on things like Abel being a little jealous, she’s still incredibly awkward in trying to capitalize on it! Because knowing the smooth way to handle things doesn’t make one capable of executing it. Thus, we got a very cute and awkward scene of Mia trying to get her and Abel on a first name (without titles) basis. Credit to them both that they did get there! It was a struggle for them, but they didn’t bail out on it. Their relationship has been a cute one to follow.

Mia gained so many allies this season

The end of this episode was just beautiful. It was sweet to see Mia chatting up with her friends and looking so utterly happy. Of course, she wants to live, but she cares about those around her. She wants the people she cares about to be happy as well. It was nice seeing her able to stand happily and look towards the future at the end. She’s come such a long way from the start where she was getting settled into a guillotine and then killed. Now she has a future to fight for and the understanding of how easily that can be taken away. Mia is a somewhat selfish character. But she shows how selfishness isn’t necessarily bad. Not when it is directed towards staying alive and living happily.

Mia will never forget

Final Thoughts

Some shows simply surprise you in the best of ways. This show was on my radar, but it wasn’t exactly my most hyped show of the season preview! But it had such a good first episode and had me hooked right from the start. Because I think there’s something compelling in seeing a character struggling against a terrible fate. It’s part of the reason why Furude Rika from Higurashi is a favourite of mine (sorry for any spoilers there). Mia isn’t one of those characters that’s been isekai’d from Earth. She was just a regular Princess that was killed and woke up in the past. I loved moments like her getting her “first” taste of food since that timeline. Going from rotten food to something made with effort and care. Even though she hated those tomatoes, she learned how good even they could taste when having lost everything once.

Sometimes tragic, sometimes comedic

This show really did a good job mixing the tragedy of Mia’s previous life to the comedy of her present. Everything tends to come up Mia this time around. She is goofy but it works because she’s building up trust with those around her. When they see her succeeding it makes her actions appear to have a much deeper level to them. And in some ways, they do. Mia is constantly working to try and overcome the tragic future waiting for her. She may be selfish on a certain level, but she’s channeling that towards survival. And it’s fun having a main character that is somewhat competent, but not perfect. Mia will screw up in hilarious ways and keep pushing forward regardless.

These songs were great

I know this season has had some truly amazing openings and endings. Heck this year did as well. But I loved the OP/ED combo for this season. Happy End Princess was a fun and upbeat opening that I never wanted to skip. Credit to Mia’s VA (Sumire Uesaka) because she utterly went for it in that opening song. Just a fun opening that made you want to see this goofy Princess succeed.

The ending may have been even better though. I loved the somber tone of Queen of the Night and how it made me feel the weight of what Mia was up against. So much in the way of the simple desire to live. It was cute seeing the younger and older versions of Mia together. But I always got a feeling that older Mia was so stressed in this ending. The song was just beautiful and shout out to KanoeRana for it.

Farewell Tearmoon

Honestly, I’ll miss this show. I did get pretty hyped up at times and very into these posts. I’m not sure how many really were invested in reading, but it was easy to write them. There’s a good chance I’m going to dive right into the light novels after this. In some cases I can wait a few years to see if a sequel gets announced and then make that sort of call. But this is one time when I really want to see how things play out. So much happened and as far I know they only really covered a couple volumes out of a series that has well over 10! There is so much more to explore.

I really did have a good time here. This was easily one of my favourite anime of the season and we’ll see if it cracks my top 10 list which I will get around to finishing up before the year is up!

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