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These have been some weird episodes. I can’t complain too much since I’ve been desperately hoping that they’d remember to develop the antagonists. But this episode left me with as many questions as it gave me answers. And it also had the main cast acting a bit too foolishly for my liking. Sora being a hero type is fine and I’m good. But the cast were downright reckless and careless at points in this episode. They took their main character plot armor for granted! Nice that we got to meet Elleelain and the past Empress was cute in her own right. But I have to wonder if this show will be able to wrap things up in a decent enough way.

Life is good in the magical flashback…

I love how utterly casual the main cast are in this episode for stretches. They’ve completely settled into that time to the point of assisting with rebuilding and selling food. When they left their bodies were bruised up and their friends were in the same state. But they are just fine waiting for this living flashback to play out. Although if they are playing an active role there’s a question of how much they are gaining. The more they do the less natural the original timeline becomes. Putting a lot of faith in this magical device to take them back home again. I get not thinking too hard about it if the flashback took a day to play out. But they’ve apparently been there for several days if not weeks. At some point they probably should worry about getting back home or seeing their friends again.

That lines up of course with how intensely naïve they are. It’s nice that they want to believe in this Princess. But they literally know this isn’t going to end well. It’s been a few days from their perspective, but they were beaten to a bloody pulp by the Empress that Elleelain is putting her faith in. If I was being generous then you could say they are letting the past play out to find out how things went so badly. But I don’t think they are thinking that deeply about this. They are just going along with this despite having the facts before them that the Empress will end up their enemy!

Who would have guessed that this guy would betray trust…

Noble and the main cast kind of got what they deserved there. Obviously, the Emperor is in the greatest wrong for using the peace talks to unleash an attack. But he still made his point. No one is full of limitless forgiveness. When pressured Noble tapped into her power and went on the attack. When someone has power they are probably going to use it. Too much trust can be a problem. If the Empress was capable of stopping her father…she would have done so before he launched an invasion. Having the best of intentions doesn’t matter since she didn’t have “the power” to stop him.

Also…what is the main cast doing in this episode!? They seriously had Ellee in her flying crib luring monsters away from civilians. Are they insane!? They couldn’t transform at that point. Where the hell is the Mashiro that was losing it over having Cure Majesty fight? Where is the Sora that was losing it over fighting alongside Cure Prism? Just because they are Precure (usually) doesn’t mean they are superhumans. Sora might be the exception, but Mashiro and Ellee are vulnerable enough. It might be a magical flashback but it’s not 100% certain they can’t die there!

More of her please!

The most entertaining thing in this was Cure Noble flipping the rage switch at the betrayal. Kind of refreshing having a Precure in this season so utterly hostile to her enemies. She has the power and the magical girl title, but she’s still a leader of her nation fighting in a war. And she carries herself like it in that moment! She’s just absolutely pissed and fighting to crush everything in her path.

A perfect turn in that fight to have the Empress be the only one trying to stop the fighting. How blinded by rage did Noble have to be to not notice the Empress floating in front of her finisher? A good gut punch for both Noble and the Emperor. One horrified over what she did to someone that didn’t want to fight and the other seeing their child in a dire state. Thank goodness Noble knew how Undergu energy worked…better than the Emperor of the Undergu Empire!

Seriously, how did she become this!?

Also, I love how the magical flashback didn’t answer the major questions! Why did the Empress end up like this? I don’t have a clue! The flashback chose to end before showing that. What was the point? To show the cast that their enemy wasn’t always 100% evil? Great! Good to know! That somehow powered the main cast enough to match the last boss. Because they really wanted to talk things out at that point. Ok, sure.

It does leave us in the awkward position of not having a great threat for the main cast. They already matched up to the Empress in a beam battle. Arguably they don’t even need to get any stronger to win this. And despite spending a couple of episodes on the last boss…we still need to spend even more time explaining how things went from a happy peace settlement….to the situation we’re in now!

This version of her was cute

All of this and they only have 3 episodes left! One of which is going to be a Christmas episode! Either the 48 episodes count for this show is very wrong or they are going to rush the heck out of this finale! Presumably it’s going to end with no one dying since they’ve spent way too much time in these episodes making the Empress to be a perfectly nice person at heart. So, things will probably just end with another peace settlement?

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