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Whew, things got as close to disaster as they have for Mia beyond her doomed timeline. It wouldn’t matter who was killed. Once Abel or Sion went down there’d simply be no way to avoid a worst case scenario. If Abel fell his father would respond with full military might against both the rebels and Sunkland itself. And if Sion died against “tyranny” then his father would certainly mobilize his military and invade Remno. And unfortunately, stopping a pair in the middle of a life-or-death fight isn’t something within Mia’s wheelhouse. She’s a good girl and has worked to get to this point, but there are still things outside her ability to handle. In the end her hard work to this point is what ended up saving the day here. Nothing planned on her part, but others working to live up to her expectations of them.

Mia…wasn’t ready for all this!

I was a bit more worried about Mia in this one than in previous episodes. She has been a goofball at times, but one that tended to focus on her survival and doing what needed to be done. I think she got a bit lazy and sloppy in this episode. Just getting swept along with events until she almost had to watch a duel to the death! She needed to be more focused in a time like this when she knows that Abel’s life could end up on the line if it goes wrong. She naively hoped that things would work out once she got to see the guy she liked again. But instead it went out of control in the worst of ways. It was tough watching Mia stumble towards doom and focusing on things that were less important like treats and her bath!

Unfortunately, it was far too late when she realized how bad things were. That she couldn’t stop Sion and Abel through words alone at that point. Understandable. No matter how many experiences she’s gained that doesn’t mean she’s a god that can just bend reality to her will. All she could do was helplessly watch these two cut each other up and watching her best path turn into a nightmare. What a regret it would have been for Mia. Her country would be fine but…the results would be too horrible for words.

The fight was good enough

The fight itself was good between the princes. It had similar styling to their original fight…just with death being on the table. But I do appreciate that Sion showed his respect for Abel by having worked hard to counter him! There was a good deal of effort to not let the match play out like their first fight. Abel kept polishing his original style and was clearly adapting as best he could during the fight. But it was looking bad for Abel. Sion was already a proclaimed genius and he had been pushed to adapt to a specific opponent. Power of love wasn’t going to get Abel through that…

Never thought I’d be happy to see him!

What a bizarre situation where Mia was basically saved by those that she really didn’t want to build connections to. Dion was the greatest threat possible to Mia’s life because he’s such an insanely powerful beast. But it was that insane strength that saved Mia from losing everything except her life. He was one of the few people able to just waltz into that duel between Abel and Sion and quickly disarm both at the same time. Not that many have the strength for that and to quickly disarm Abel’s guard in quick order. As concerning as that guy’s mentality can be…this is one time that he really came in handy.

And that handiness was tied directly to the other followers of Mia. Ludwig setting the stage and I’m sure Anne raced back home to report on the situation. Ludwig probably just imagined what Mia would want from them all and organized the moved to get support into Remno fast enough to make a difference. Anne really playing a huge part even if that hasn’t had attention drawn to it yet. Without her presuming what Mia would want then support couldn’t have arrived at this timely moment. And even Keithwood’s arrival would have simply been too late. It might have stopped a full blown invasion (depending on the intel he got) but it wouldn’t have saved the life of whomever would have died. It was key for everyone to be there at the right time.

Backup has arrived!

And now things are looking ok. Because Keithwood almost certainly is the person that got the report from that female spy. Everyone is still alive. So hopefully Keithwood can waltz up and reveal where the missing chancellor is. Once that’s out in the open then things can get moving. Obviously, there is a serious downside and one that can’t be avoided…the reveal of Sunkland’s involvement in this situation. Sion has been working off his sense of justice all this time and now he gets to find out that the spies of his own nation have orchestrated all of this. And Mia will get to put together that this probably also played out in Tearmoon. That she died…because Sion was fooled by his own people. They were all played for fools.

A close call this week

What a ride of an episode. There was some light stuff like someone finding out that Mia was using horse shampoo…And of course I was glad for Mia getting to see Abel again. It’s just too bad the situation didn’t allow her to just jump into his arms. Hopefully they can secure a nice moment together before this all wraps up. Things are so close to working out ok. If Mia can just keep things moving in the right direction then they can take down the spies, ease political tensions, and get out of this in one piece. It’s still a bit dicey, but there’s plenty of hope now that the main cast have come together.

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