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The last boss decided to make her appearance! Might be with only about 4 episodes to go, but will definitely take what I can get on this front! The episode just kind of opens up with the Empress finally making her move. Nothing really is sparking it, though I guess you could say that Prism’s win last week in the technical reason for change happening. But Skearhead has been falling short against the Precure for a while so this was bound to happen. It feels like the Empress finally got tired of sitting around for over 40 episodes.

Not a great guy

There’s still a lot that we simply don’t know right now. So far, the past seems basic here. The Empress’ father invaded Skyland because…he felt like it. Presumably the Princess because a Precure (because of course) and should take care of the whole issue without any issue. Maybe she’ll kill off the Empress’ father. I’m not sure since I presume, they’ll hesitate over having a precure kill someone. So she’ll probably do something that will make the Emperor kill himself by accident. Presumably this whole show is just coming off the Empress being angry that her father died in an invasion that he started.

But you never know. There is talk about her having been injured and needing to recover over the centuries. So, she must get caught up in this war somehow. But it’ll have to be good. They need to really build up a connection between Elleelain and the Empress to make any of this work. There must be something so intense that she’s waited to go after Elleelain’s home of Skyland and her reincarnation (I think). But right now, we simply don’t know what she’s motivated by.

Oh hey, the antagonist!

I did enjoy that she just started attacking right away. It was a reminder of how good the first appearance of Skearhead was. It’s nice for villains in this show to remember that they can just go on the attack. And for the main cast to kind of pay for the foolishness of charging around looking for the Undergu Empire without transforming before getting there! Of course, she did let them get back up since she really wanted to just say “this is all your fault” to Ellee.

In that sense her behavior in the past makes a bit more sense. She really doesn’t seem to want Ellee’s powers. The Empress just seems to want to make Ellee suffer at every opportunity. Honestly, I’m still curious if her plan goes beyond “I want to make this girl suffer” but at least we have some idea of what she wants.

Busy day for Sora

My condolences to Tsubasa and Ageha who weren’t allowed to come along for this time travel or flashback situation. They really are the support members that are there to round out the cast a bit, but aren’t that essential. They can just be filled in later regarding what happened. And that’s probably a good choice since it’s not like anyone can transform in this flashback anyways.

I was a bit worried that they were getting too involved. If this is actual time travel then racing around being a hero could be problematic. But if it’s just a magical flashback then it’s probably fine. Regardless, there’s no stopping Sora from being a hero. She’s going to do what she’s going to do! And I’m sure the people she saved were grateful for the assistance.

Closing in on the end

I am honestly glad that we’re finally getting some answers. It has been a long road to get any insights on what the Undergu Empire is after. It may simply come down to pure revenge, but I’ll take it at this point. And there might be something more to it. It’d be interesting if Princess Elleelain went way too far in the heat of battle and gave the Empress justifiable reason to hate her. But I have a feeling we won’t get anything that justified. We will have to wait and see though.

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