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Victory for Mia! Honestly it feels good to celebrate her having finally toppled the guillotine! Obviously, she’s not truly out of the woods yet. The show isn’t over, and the source material has a lot of volumes that haven’t been adapted yet. But it’s just such a good feel moment to have her achieve something that she’s been struggling towards for eight episodes now. A simple goal of just wanting to stay alive and avoid getting hauled in front of an angry mob and having her head cut off by a guillotine! So, it’s nice to see that Mia has cleared enough hurdles to save herself.

Hopefully he’s doing alright

It was also sweet that in this moment of bliss the person she wanted to share that moment with was Abel. He’s truly gone from just someone she wanted to rely on to save herself into someone she just truly cares for. Mia herself probably isn’t aware of how hard she’s fallen for Abel. But it’s still nice to see her really wanting to get letters from him and wishing he was around so she could celebrate with him. Even if he of course wouldn’t have any idea about what she was even so happy about.

The one downside is that the odds seem good that Abel might be in some trouble. That she hasn’t heard from him recently is worrying. But even more worrying is that shady group that seems to be going after another kingdom. If that kingdom happens to be Abels…well that’s not a good thing! Mia will end up going from being on top of the world to getting thrown for a loop.

What the heck do these guys want?

That mysterious group is nothing but questions. Just who are these people and what do they want? Clearly, they wanted to make Tearmoon fall, but for what purpose? Do they have something against Tearmoon itself or were they simply looking for a kingdom ripe to be toppled? Making kingdoms collapse isn’t exactly simple so I have to wonder why they are putting through such efforts. Are they moving to another kingdom because they simply can’t make Tearmoon fall or because they don’t care what kingdom falls and are just going after the weakest one, they can find? Lot of questions and few answers.

But the one answer we do have is that someone was trying to make Tearmoon fall. While the flaws of Mia, her family, and the nobility were part of it, there was a malicious hand helping it along. I didn’t think Mia was all that culpable for what happened in the first place. She was naïve and unaware of events going on around her. She made some mistakes, but a lot of what went wrong did so before she was in a realistic position to do something.

No wonder Tearmoon ran into trouble…

Seeing her father makes it clear how Mia wasn’t exactly setup to succeed. It is nice that he is a doting father and clearly loves her deeply. But it’s also clear that he’s a bit dumb and reckless. At the idea of his daughter tripping in a forest…he was going to burn down the whole thing! Thank goodness Mia knows how to handle her father. But it’s clear that he hardly gave her a good example of what a monarch should be or helped teach her what she’d need to know. It’s no wonder she grew up with only dance as her most well-honed talent. She may have been born royal, but that doesn’t mean she was given all the chances possible to do much with that.

Mia keeping her friends and enemies close

Most times Mia manages to succeed while either being a bit smug or having to scramble. But with Dion she’s having to scramble while being terrified. Somehow, she is gaining his trust like anyone else. But the trauma of seeing this guy using the guillotine to kill her will never truly fade. So, whenever he expects her to take action, there is the legitimate fear of what he’ll do if she messes up. In that forest she felt basically surrounded by enemies and had to struggle to save herself.

Thankfully everything worked out great. Saving that one kid really saved Mia herself. The Lulu tribe now has absolute trust in Mia and that’s a huge gain. It’s funny how getting close to Tiona when she didn’t want to results in her maid Liora to back Mia up in a tight spot. Mia went through hell originally and I can’t say life was kind to her. But now everything is coming up Mia! And I think part of that is due to her good nature. She wanted that kid to be with his people since it was better for him anyways. Plus having someone that trusts her close to the Lulus is a safe choice for Mia. And it works out for the tribe leader since he can make up for the mistakes with his daughter via his grandson.

“Heh, nailed it.”

Mia just keeps taking advantage of everything she can. While Tiona’s brother created some trouble for her originally, this time she can keep him on her side. Her one truly successful move was playing up her grace and intelligence to this kid when talking about flowers. It was all kinds of wins though in having this prodigal son both looking up to her and attending a school within the Empire. She doesn’t want to let that potential get into the hands of anyone else.

The hilarious thing of course was that while Mia was trying to be knowingly a bit selfish she was blindsided by the pure gratitude from Tiona’s father. She hadn’t realized how good things would be for him and how he would view it. A true win/win scenario. She can make sure the people are fed to avoid Revolution and he gets to make sure the people are fed because of his altruism. Everyone gets what they want!

See ya, Guillotine!

This was just a good episode! Mia got a huge win here by truly avoiding the guillotine. Of course, it comes at the cost of losing her cheat sheet to the future. That must be a bit nerve wrecking. Now everything is an unknown. The good thing is that Mia has established good habits and should remain focused on not upsetting people and causing Revolutions to break out. But she can’t get ahead of things like plagues as easily since she doesn’t know to look out for them. A small price to pay though to know that she’s finally done enough to avoid everyone coming after her to kill her! There are bound to be difficult trials ahead, but she’s earned a moment of happiness.

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